21 September, 2014

We Got Doctor's Coming Out Our Ears

Well, it's about time I did a follow-up on my back. The short version... I survived. The long version... I still have a manageable amount of pain and that is improving. I'm seeing Dr. Marc Nadreau at Holistic Health Care clinic every week for an adjustment and acupuncture. That's moving me quickly to the land of being healthy.

I'm also seeing Doctors Kishore and Natasha Punjabi at Five Rivers Medical Centre, located on 5th Avenue, near Courts, not only for my back but some other things that I've been dealing with for a few years - hypertension, cholesterol, and thyroid issues. Becoming older is so much fun.

I know there's a few folks who read FaceBook. Against my better judgement, I re-joined FB. I had asked on there if anyone knew of an ultrasound clinic in the Corozal area. The response I got was several rumors and "I think" or "I heard", but no one seemed to have any hard knowledge of one.

Let me be the first to tell you, yes there is one. It's located in the the Northern Medical Specialty Plaza, Ltd. up by Nigel and Jennie's place which is up near the bus yard on College. If the clinic name rings a bell, that's because you've probably been to the clinic of the same name over in Orange Walk. This is a satellite of the Orange Walk Clinic. It's staffed by at least six doctors covering the following areas: OB/Gyn, Pediatrics/Neurology, Ultrasound/Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery with Dr. Ricardo Quetzal, Internal Medicine, and Anesthesiology.

As you can imagine, I've also been getting some blood work done at a nice new and very professional lab, Prohealth Alliance Clinical Laboratory, with Celso Carrera, Certified Medical Lab Technician. They're located in the same building as Five Rivers Medical Centre. There is a pawn shop in between the two locations. I haven't used the pawn shop, but I suppose it's handy if the medical bills become too much.

Without going into too much detail, pretty much everything from the doctor visits, lab test, ultrasound, and anything I've forgotten, has come back as good news. The only thing, and that's being worked on, is my blood pressure is still too high.

An indication of how well things are progressing is that I just spent my first complete day and night without any pain medication since the fall. There was still a bit of pain now and then, but I managed to comfortably get through the night - except for the two hours when we had a country-wide power outage.

One less pill to take. Yay!

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Wilma said...

Glad to hear your back is improving and that the other issues are under control. Hang in there!