10 September, 2014

Internet Slow-Down Day Today

Notice the Intertubes being more recalcitrant and obstinate than usual? Yeah, me too. In fact, I can prove it.

All sorts of Websites have provided bits of code to use on your own Website or blog that simulate a page loading, and loading, and loading...

We've gone one better. Our blog apparently found something amiss with the code provided by a couple of them and refused to allow me to insert the code. After the second refusal, I got tired of trying to load the code, figuring I had better things to do. As a result, you don't see the page loading imagery here.

Here, you have to do it the old-fashioned way - you have to use your imagination. Imagine that! Almost like you used to have to do when you read a book.

So, just for today, break out the old imagination and fire away... Slowly, of course. Remember, this is the Intertubes Slow-Down Day after all.

We'll see you tomorrow at regular speed. "Engage!"

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