25 November, 2013

Memory's A Funny Thing

This morning, I was surfing the Intertubes (as you do) and here this picture  popped up from the movie, Son of Kong.
From Son of Kong
It was made in 1933 by RKO Studios. But it really expresses my mental image of what Belize was going to be like before we moved down here. I mean, it even looks like they're using Mennonite furniture, doesn't it?

In a previous post we were in Bruce and Colleen's Sun Room (see my posting of November 11, 2013 - Just Playing Some Wee Games). and with the rain pelting down, the scene reminded me of a movie I saw years ago with, I think, Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart... Wait a minute. Time for some corrections here.

First memory glitch - Neither Peter nor Bogey was in this classic. It starred Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham, Helen Mack as Hilda, and Frank Reicher as Captain Englehorn; Second memory glitch - From the photo it's hard to tell if it is a thatch-roofed bar with bamboo walls; Third memory glitch - some sort of uniforms and sea-faring hats - I said khaki safari-type clothing. Alright, I get half credit for that one, and the last one; the fourth memory glitch - pretty hard to tell about the sweat stains or the monsoon rain. Maybe another half credit on that one.

Hmmm. Looks as though my memory likes to embellish things a tad more than it should or maybe a lot more. Back to the photo. Long pants and sport coats... Hard to imagine wearing that get-up nowadays in this sort of climate.

Just as a refresher, here's the reality (see photo below) - only it's in Colleen and Bruce's house. It's sort of a close match, right?

Dianna and Colleen Chatting in Colleen's Sun Room
If everyone had been wearing their safari outfits, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between the movie and our reality... Perhaps.
Elizabeth, David, and Bruce in Bruce's Sun Room
Well, now that I've adjusted the memory banks to fit with reality, it's time to realize that there's only 'four and a wake-up' until the last day of the 2014 Hurricane Season. As usual, I always try to remind folks to keep a weather-eye peeled for the firs two weeks of December - just so there's no surprises, OK? We don't want to spoil this amazing season, right?


Rick said...

The Bogart Movie ... I think is Key Largo ... and it always reminds me of Belize too.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Rick,

You might be right. That was the first movie I thought of, but when Googling through, I couldn't find a photo that evoked what I saw in my mind's eye - besides I kept getting distracted by Lauren Bacall.