21 November, 2013

It Must Be Love

I got into my blog a few minutes ago in a different way than I usually do (trust me, as with most things computerish, there's more than one way to do anything). This time I entered the URL in Google, expecting to just go to the blog and do my usual blog-related stuff. But, something caught my eye.

The item right below the listing for the blog, said something about winjama.blogspot.com being ranked 7,728,079th in the United States. Well, that was interesting. What's that all about? So, I clicked on the link to explore further.

Sure enough. Google said the blog definitely was ranked 7,718,079th in the United States and 5,721,877th in the worldwide ranking. Well, is that good or bad? Seven Million and change against how many total sites? It doesn't say. Though I'm guessing it's probably on the lower end of the goodness scale. If it's against a billion or so websites, that would be pretty good. If it's against say, eight million other sites, well then, maybe not so good.

Then Google goes on to slice things even finer with page views, visits, value per visitor... Hey, wait a minute. I'm not making any money out of this deal. What's 'value per visitor' and how's it determined?

Monthly pages viewed1,588
Monthly visits1,588
Value per visitor$0.75
Estimated worth$1,784.81 *

How do they come up with 'value per visitor' and 'estimated worth?' What a bunch of tightwads. That's kind of insulting. They could at least round up on the worth bit. I mean eighty-one cents? It's like when I was in university. My major was Outdoor Recreation and Leisure Services. My professors kept talking about 'psychic income'. What that equates to in English is, "This field is one where you'll work for peanuts, but look at the great view of the mountains. You get that for FREE!"

Well, that's niche marketing for you. Good thing I'm not depending on this for my livelihood. That must mean it's a labor of love. I guess after almost seven years of writing it, it is.


  1. Dave, I tell you what... if you'll set up a paypal link for donations I'll see if they will let me send you $.81 so we can the value to an even number.

    Have you tried doing this with other blogs? I just thought of it. I'll see if I can get some other data for you to bounce against!!

    Have fun,


  2. Hi Julian,

    Now wait a minute. This sounds like one of those Wall Street high finance shenanigans. This could end up being the 'Enron of the Intertubes.'

    So, how much you figure we can make offa this scam? Five, six bucks? I'm all ears!



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