10 May, 2013

Buddy Miles Said It Best

our neighborhood has been going through some changes.

'Well, my mind's been going through them changes'
- Them Changes, Buddy Miles, 1970

You know, beyond my mind, changes that I haven't written about lately.

Things in the neighborhood are changing, and, actually have been changing, but I haven't written about some of them.

For instance, next door to us, is a new house that is being built out of wire mesh and Styrofoam. It'll be coated with roughly two inches of concrete (probably sprayed and troweled) on both sides, including the roof.
Dr. Mike and Shelly's House
This is relatively new stuff, at least here in Corozal. It's made by a Mexican company, Qualypanel, ( Their website has several videos that show aspects of the construction process.

The initial bit of construction, such as the walls, went really fast. I'm not sure what has slowed things down now, but it does seem to be taking an inordinately long period of time to finish.

Dr. Mike Parrish is a Chiropractor from the US, and has set up his practice here in Corozal ( I haven't visited his office yet, but my neck is saying that maybe I should. I run into Shelly, his wife, now and then while we're walking dogs. Seem like nice folks.

We're watching the construction of their place with interest. If it works out, we might want to put an upstairs on our pool house and that would be ideal - saving weight and, hopefully, time as well. We'll keep you tuned in on that bit.

The other new house around here is another Mennonite house. This one is going up just south of the Northern Highway (which has been renamed the Phillip P. Goldson Highway - although no one calls it that) on what we call Scruffy Road. No idea what the actual name of the road is.
Keith and Sheena's House
I stopped by the other morning while walking the doggies and checked with a couple of the workers there. The place is owned by Keith and Sheena. I haven't met them yet, but I'm sure that will happen soon.

Of course, the other new one, almost across the street from us is the house that Mae and Craig built. It's a nice concrete place  with lots of potential. It's for sale too. It also has a really cool gate. I'll see if I can remember to get a photo of the house and gate tomorrow.

Let's see, what else? Doggies are fine. We're still walking 4 miles a day, and sweating up a storm with that as well. Cats are fine. Nelson is becoming a fine young man. In fact, he delights in helping around the house.
Nelson Helping Make the Bed
We've got to install a kitty door. He's driving us nuts wanting in or out at night. He's discovered that he can get up on the back of a chair on the front porch and meow at us to be let back in. Of course, that puts him about two inches away from our ears when we're in bed. Hard to ignore him then.

And the other thing we've got happening is our compost bin, which is going great guns. As you can see below, it produces some great compost and so quick too. Inside of two weeks from first adding it to the pile on the left. Watering and turning for a couple of days or so, then toss it over the wall to the next bin. More watering and turning, then finally over the next wall, where it's turned a couple more times.
Our Compost Bin In Action
Then it's run through the sieve (the wood and wire screen thing above) into the wheelbarrow and then out to the various planter beds. The plants just love it.

Speaking of plants, I'll get a few shots of Dianna's garden and include later on. Stuff is growing very well in the planter boxes. We'll be eating good soon.

That's it for now. I've got to add some chlorine tabs to the pool and get stuff ready for happy hour this afternoon.


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