11 May, 2013

I Forgot To Give This'n A Title

As promised, I said I would include photos of one of the other houses around here that're adding to the changing landscape of the neighborhood.

And, here it is. Well, first, the gate. Featuring the sun and water, it's easily the most artistic gate in the neighborhood and quite striking.
Cool Gate
 The house that goes with it. Mae and Craig built this as a 'spec home'. It's cute with lots of potential and some really well-thought out ideas, besides the gate.
Cool House
For example, it has a crawl space, so piping repairs under the main floor will be a breeze. No need to dig up the concrete and tile floor first. And the roof. Right now it's suited as an observation deck, but can easily be walled in and become a second story for the house.

Ok. Enough of the sales pitch-like stuff.

Here's something entirely different. You may not know it, but satellite dishes here require a license. Our TV dish license from the Belize Public Utility Commission (PUC) costs us about $150.00 BZD annually. Not a big deal as far as such things go.

What is weird - at least for this year is paying for it.  Allow me to explain. We have a savings account with Belize Bank. the PUC has an account with Belize Bank. Ours is with the Corozal Branch, theirs is with the Belize City Branch. Makes sense so far, right?

So, I thought, well, I'll just transfer $150.00 from our account to theirs. Done deal.

Whoa, not so fast there, cowboy. It seems that I have to have the PUC's permission to deposit money into their account automatically. Since I did the transaction online without the intervention of a teller, they had to do it manually for me. Which meant debiting our account for the $150, transferring it to the PUC account and crediting their account $150.00. I'm assuming without PUC's permission.

With me so far? Ok. For that service, Belize Bank had to charge me $10.00 - which they did also without advising me or asking me beforehand.

When I went down to the Corozal Branch to find out why the extra withdrawal from our account, all that above was explained to me. I asked, "Even though it's with the same bank?" "Yes," was the reply.

For next year, I can avoid the fee by having PUC fill out a form that the bank gave me. I also have to fill out part of it and return it to my branch bank. What this form does (it's called a Online Transference Registration form), is the PUC, by filling out their portion, authorizes me to deposit money to their account, thereby avoiding the direct intervention (assistance?) of Belize Bank and their charging me the $10.00 fee.

Isn't that just the most convenient process you ever heard of? Goes without saying that there will probably be some rubber stamping required on the form as well. I wish I had a rubber stamp. It would make it seem so official.

I'm just wondering if it's worth the effort to get PUC to complete the form, or if I should opt to go down to my branch next year, stand in line and manually transfer the money to PUC's account and avoid the extra fee by doing so? I'll have to think about it.



Vivien said...

For five bucks I will stand in line for with your money and deposit it in PUC's account, when I pay ours.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivien,

For five bucks, I'll stand in line.

Well, I might try to do the form, just to see what else happens.

Hurry Back. We miss you guys.