05 May, 2012

A 'Lee' Update

Just a short update on the planter boxes under construction in the shade house. The first  box is now ready to have the floor cast. That'll happen next Friday. Carlos ran out of time this Friday after getting the form constructed and rebar cut, positioned and tied in place.
Almost Done Building Form Bottom
After the floor is cast, the walls will go up two blocks high and will be made from four-inch thick blocks, so there will end up being about a foot of black dirt in each box for the veggies.
First Planter Box Bed Ready to Cast
Back to my 'thick' wallet and the family photos. Here's a couple more of April. As much as she zooms around the place when she's awake, she naps hard too - getting all that training for when she grows up and takes up napping as her full-time occupation.
It's Rough Being A Kitten
It's hard to be so cute, isn't it? Who could resist such a face. She went in to Dr. Sheila's yesterday for her second visit. Oral meds and a shot for something. She must have been a good little kitty. Dr. Sheila gave her a little white mouse toy.
Could She Get Much More Relaxed?
That's it for now. I have to start work to get ready for the Men's Group's Martini Meeting today. See, it's just all work and no play - ever.


Larry said...

Dave, that's a nice way to put in a 'raised garden'. It seems that after the concrete is poured and the forms removed that the bottom slab will be supported and cantilevered about 8" over the ground by two rows of block. That's a great idea and makes the thing 'portable' if you ever want to pick it up and move it in the future! Wonderful and practical!

What I don't see though, is some sort of 'drain' for the slab. What's to keep the thing from becoming a mud puddle after receiving 4" of rain for example? Will you have some sort of drainage built into it or near the bottom of the yet to be installed sides?

- Larry -
Punta Gorda (FL)

Lion Lady said...

April is too cute for words....don't we all wish we could sleep like your little kitty.

Dave Rider said...

Hi LL,

She's absolutely a holy terror when she first gets up in the morning. My shoulder was bleeding. Didn't notice it till I was out walking and happened to see my t-shirt shoulder. But once she's asleep, what a cutie.
We'll see how she matures.


Hi Larry,

Thanks for the nice comment. I'm not so sure about it being portable, but otherwise, you're spot-on. As far as drainage, yes, we'll be installing about 5 PVC pipe pieces on each side to provide drainage, otherwise, it'll become a swampt for sure.