01 May, 2012

Is It Warm Yet?

Here we are just entering May, and it's been anything except winter all winter long. Well, there were a couple of days where it got down to the lower sixties and possibly upper fifties, but that's been about it. Now, however, it's just bloody hot.

I do give the doggies a brisk workout when we do our walkies. It's about a four-mile loop we take. From our house, we pretty much follow the bay all the way into town to the Post Office and Market, then back up 6th Avenue to Vivi's Meat Pies - not that we stop there every day, but it's on our route, and back along the shore to home.

We walk briskly. A good day, even with stops, it takes us about an hour. I finally remembered to ask Dianna to take my photo to give you an idea of the amount of sweat generated each day. Now, it's not usually like this in April or May, but it will be like this till about November. A shower feels excellent afterwards, as does the pool in the afternoon.
Just Returned From Walkies - Thanks Dianna for Taking the Shot
The other day I mentioned I was installing the guy wire to help support one of the stanchions for the pool awning. Here's the turnbuckle and other stuff for that.
Turnbuckle After Installation
And here's the turnbuckle all set up and functioning. Finally. Not that we won't still have to think about taking the awning down in a strong blow, but it will give us some breathing room before we get to that point.
Turnbuckle Hooked Up and Working
Here's the other end of the affair and the post that will hold it all. I have to say, this project would have been done yesterday if I'd used a tape measure. But, I figured the ol' Mark I Eyeball (as we used to say in the Navy) was a pretty good judge of distance. I mean, what's three feet among friends?
Other End After Installation
Among friends, it may not be much. Between two posts, it's everything. In this case, it was too short. So, it had to wait till this morning for me to make a trip to Lano's to buy the appropriate length of cable.

And that allowed the project to come to a speedy and successful conclusion.
The Other End
The other mini-project that popped up just a couple of days ago was our ceiling fan in the living room. Sunday morning, we turned it on and all that happened was an extremely weak effort from the fan to turn the blades. Not even enough to provide any breeze whatsoever. And with this heat, our living room had become a sauna. Not just any sauna, but a well-functioning and hot sauna. Not ideal.

Being the optimist that I am, I figured a quick trip into town and I might be able to find a replacement capacitor for the fan. I knew from past experience, that finding an exact match for the capacitor (or an 'accumulator', if you happen to be of the British persuasion) is pretty much an impossibility. But, if you can find them within one point either way (I had a 4.5 µ F (micro Farad) capacitor, so 3.5 to 5.5 µ F would work). The concern is that if you go larger, you stand a good chance of damaging your circuitry with a larger current spike or lower, that the thing won't work at all.
Defective Ceiling Fan Capacitor
I could easily tell that the original capacitor was going to die because a blister had formed on the case. Sometimes they even melt. Anyway, I stopped first over at Marin Electric to see if they had anything that would work. The lady there hauled down a box full of capacitors, most too large, being 7 µ F or greater. Finally, she found a bag of three on the very bottom of the box. They were all 5.0 µ F - perfect for my purposes.

As soon as I got the last wire hooked up, Dianna flipped the wall switch and viola! We had a properly functioning fan once again and no more living room sauna.

We had a serendipitous event happen a few days ago. Carlos, who works for us one day a week, also bring plants for Dianna once in a while.

Well, this one, we didn't even suspect was coming. Carlos had bought it some time back over in Orange Walk (I think) for his wife. Since if was just in bulb form at the time, he kind of lost track of it for a while. He potted up another plant for Dianna, inadvertently potting up this thing too. A gorgeous little purple puffball about six inches in diameter when it finally popped above the ground. Dianna said she's not giving it back either.

Carlos was surprised and said he had wondered what he did with the plant. We did tell him, as it produces more bulbs he can have those to replace the lost one. We had a plant similar to that, sort of garlic lilly or something, but with a white flower. Not near as pretty as this little thing.
Puff Ball Surprise Flower
Well, that's it for now. I'm hot - even with a functioning ceiling fan, so, it's pool-time.

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JRinSC said...

It's been a long time since I heard that term: Mark I Eyeball. Brings back some memories it does. My wife gets tired of hearing me say "well, that's good enough for Government work."
The main word I will always relate to the Navy is: "OUTSTANDING". Boy, did we hear that enough times. LOL