02 March, 2012

So I Told A Whopper

I know, as unusual as it may seem, I misspoke myself. There is one more posting from our vacation to San Pedro with the Eternal Eight.

On Sunday, a couple of days before we skied out to our various locations, the Eternal Eight minus two (Lori and Dean having already departed back to Boston) took both our carts and went exploring further up north. Although the rules for the carts said we were not to go further north than Las Terrazas Resort (, there is a chance that we might have disregarded those instructions and gone a tad further up the island. It being nice weather and all, and with a somewhat devil-may-care attitude, we might have gone a bit further north than Indigo Condominiums ( But not much further north as the trail (which the road had deteriorated to by this point) became pretty much non-existent shortly thereafter.

The only reason I've included a photo of one of the Indigo buildings is that Dianna noticed the hurricane shutters there. A neat idea that we might want to explore further for our structures.
Indigo Condos - Neat Shutter Idea
After getting turned around and headed back south on the island, we began to develop a powerful thirst. Well, we hadn't yet made an official visit to the Palapa Bar ( Oh, sure. There had been a couple forays there by some of the group, but never with the full contingent. This afternoon we remedied that.
Sunday Afternoon At The Palapa Bar
While we were there, several inebriated patrons took it upon themselves to conduct a bird rescue operation. Seems there was a small bird (some said it was a hummingbird) trapped in the rafters of the bar.

They climbed up into the rafters, oblivious to the apparent danger and attempted to rescue this poor bird with a rag tied to the end of a stick. That's right. I'm sure in their state, that sounded like a perfectly legitimate bird-rescue tool.
Rescuing A Small Bird At The Palapa Bar
Well, surprisingly, it worked. How, I have no idea. They managed to get the bird passed down from hand to hand to someone on the main level who released the bird to fly away. Which it did... I think.

While we were busy holding our end of the bar down, folks across from us were engaging in one of the favorite pastimes of some of the patrons to the Palapa Bar - that of drinking shooters the hard way.
Rescuing Shooters At The Palapa Bar
Actually, as much fun as the bar was that afternoon, filled with 'the younger set' you might say, I actually prefer it with fewer customers and quieter - but then, I'm an old fart. We had fun anyway.

The following day, our hard-core snorkelers (Judy and George, Pam and Roy) had hired through Ralf, another guide service to take them to Hol Chan Marine Reserve ( and Shark Ray Alley ( for some more snorkeling.
Ready to Go to Hol Chan
Heading to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley
They all agreed that after snorkeling all over the world, that this was by far the best snorkeling they'd ever done.

After they returned, we headed out that evening to Legends for a last taste of their great burgers.
Ready to go For a Night Out
This shot of the bridge leaving Debbie's looks spooky.
Debbie's Beach Spooky Bridge
Here we are having a good time at Legends.
Lovin' It At Legends Burger House
As usual, there were the required dogs mooching samples from the customers. No shortage of folks willing to share their burgers with the pooches too.
Local Patron At Legends
The following day, the Day of Departure, came all too soon. Everyone but George and myself rode the water taxi back to San Pedro. George and I took all the luggage and the carts back over the bridge to the Tropic Air Terminal.

We dropped off the luggage and met everyone else. We then called and Chollo's people came to reclaim their carts, which was done without incident.

Having a couple hours to go till flight time, we drifted across the street to the Sunbreeze Hotel ( to have a couple Belikins before climbing aboard the planes.
Last Belikins At Sunbreeze Hotel
And, finally, waiting in the terminal at Tropic Air.
Waiting For Our Flights At San Pedro
Where'd All That White Hair Come From?
Our last goodbys till next time. We had a great time.
Flights Have Been Announced
Last shot of the Eternal Eight in Belize. What a crew! We miss you guys already.
Eternal Eight - Judy's Camera Shot by Ralf

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