29 February, 2012

Is This A Windup?

The above was the title of Pam's email to me a couple of days ago. The poor girl has really been affected by her vacation here. Pam, along with her husband Roy is one of the Eternal Eight and they are from Reading, England. Here is the reason for her question:
Pam's Desktop - Courtesy of Pam Humphrey
Pam wrote, "I look at this every day at home and also on my gel wrist-rest at work. Never really thought about it before but I will never read that name the same again. Who stole my ‘i‘?"

I never thought about it before either, but she's absolutely right. "Who stole her 'i'?"

I think that's 'brilliant' as the Brits say. I'll hoist a Belikin in Pam's honor.

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