01 September, 2011

One, Two, Three or Four Shower Days

You know, I used to think those were somewhat in the past, what with us having a pool now to jump into whenever we want. Was I ever wrong. When it's rainy season, and that means lots of thunder and lightning all around us for most of the day, every day lately it seems, then jumping into the pool just doesn't seem to be so attractive.

So, there you sit, your tee-shirt stuck to your back, even with the sweat still dripping down your back, your arms feeling sweaty and gritty from dust blowing around (even when it rains), and your hair constantly in a state of dampness. Yes, I know mine's a bit longer than most, but even Dianna's sticks to her neck.

What do you do? Well, today, I started out after meeting the Coke delivery guys at 5:15 AM, to get a case of the local pink-colored tonic water, and after swapping out the butane tanks (the 100 lb. jobs) so I could cook breakfast. Luckily my pancake batter waited for me to do that. Then, I took shower No. 1.

I spent part of the morning surfing the Intertubes, as you do, then at 11:30 AM, I had an appointment with Lourdes Saldivar to get a bit of a trim on the pony tail and for her to lawn mower my beard. After that, I had to do some of the daily shopping amongst the frequent rain squalls.

Shortly after getting back, I noticed that I had become sweaty... again, and itchy as well. Some of my beard hair had managed to lodge itself in my tee-shirt. Time for Shower No. 2. Ahhh, what a relief. Not as good as the pool, mind you, but refreshing all the same.

Now, it's a little after 3:00 PM, and the sky is once again darkening, and booming and we're not in the pool. We almost went for it, but thunder and lightning flashes has a way of deterring those thoughts.
It'll be supper in a couple of hours - too late then for pooling. Besides, then the mosquitoes come out for their half-hour rampage. I forgot to mention I put on bug-juice to meet the Coke guys this morning. I'm sure they're attracted by the smell of 'eau de deet'.

Then, about 8:30 or so (a couple hours after sunset here) it's time for beddy-bye. Ah, but with fans only to cool us in the rack, what do you do? Of course! Take another shower. Shower No. 3 coming up. And the Cubs aren't even on TV this evening.

So, you see. Having a pool lends a false sense of fewer showers in one's life. Only during certain seasons - like winter and the dry season.

There you have it. My daily schedule, more or less. And, I dare say, it's probably a familiar and similar one to most Gringos (lumping all Norte Americanos, Europeans, etc., into that category) living here.

See you in the pool... or the shower.

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