04 September, 2011

Ahhh, To Relax, Perchance To Lounge

Man, it seems like this past week was go, go, go - all week long.

We had the ladies swim/exercise group on Tuesday; Otilia, our new housekeeper came on Wednesday (she's still learning how Dianna wants things done). Friday, Carlos came and worked on the patio project and we hosted happy hour; and Saturday, Carlos returned to cast the counter top at the BBQ area of the patio project.

The photos below detail some of the patio project. The first one, Carlos has cut and positioned some plywood to act as the form bottom for a work surface counter top between the two columns. The space underneath will have one or two shelves for storage of stuff.
Putting Up the Form
This shot shows Carlos setting up the sides of the form.
Almost Ready To Cast
This one, he's almost ready to make the pour. He had to take off early on Friday as he had a guy coming over to see about buying his pickup truck.
Carlos Finishing the Form
Saturday morning, Carlos was back to make the pour, which is done in the photo below.
The Pour Done
 Here Carlos is troweling it out so it's smooth. No 'brooming' texture up here, as it's a work surface, not a seating area.
Carlos Troweling The Concrete
Finally, we had the men's group here, also on Saturday.

And now, today, Sunday... The only things we have lined up to do: Our usual weekly laundry and a little cleanup of the pool house from the men's group meeting. The rest of the day is ours for lounging around in the pool. Yea!

I'll tell you, this being retired is hard work!


JRinSC said...

That project is really looking up. I wish I could be there for the first "test" of the new grill! Have fun...

Mardena Murray said...

Still LOVING your log and dreaming/planning for the day when we can visit & explore Belize. I am in major research & saving mode! I am curious about the lots & land on your canal. Are they all sold? How does one find out about those parsels? Keep on blogging Dave! You are really good at it! I am including my email address because I have MANY questions that I would love to ask but don't want to hog up all of the blog space!! Thanks!
Mardena Murray

Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,
So am I, but it's still at least two or three months away. Anticipation...

Hi Mardena,
Most of the lots on the canal are still for sale, as I understand, same for the lots across the road from us.
You might try Gregg Turrentine at Belize North Real Estate -
That's about all I know. I stay away from realty and such - it'd be too much like work otherwise.
I sent you an email.

Lorenzo @belizepost said...

Lets test the new grill, invite me over for your next barbq!

catdance62 said...

I like that bar/grill area! we still can't decide what to do about our grill...or lack of one, actually. We have an outdoor sink and counter area though...

Dave Rider said...

Hi Lorenzo,
I don't even know when that will be - a few months away at the earliest.
I did check out your blog - nice looking and wide ranging. Keep up the good work.

Hi Cat,
Our design was pretty much focused on the bench and was pretty much Dianna's ideas. Everything else just seemed to flow from that.
We're looking forward to seeing it finished ourselves. Hard to believe the changes the old homestead has gone through in the relatively short time we've been here.
Good luck with your BBQ project.

Christian and Kathy said...

Hi Dave and Dianna!!!

We're in the process of working throught the details and retiring in Belize, too. We're going with the QRP, so have to wait 'til April 2013. Then, goodbye military and hello, Belize!!!
I found your blog a couple days ago and have read almost every post...I wanted to thank you for all the information you've provided. We're not sure which area to relocate to since we'd like atleat 10-20 acres and to be close to both the mountains and the beach. We were also looking at the different routes of either buying a home w/acreage or find the land and build. Going through your blog and the information in it makes either option viable.
We won't be there until summer/fall 2013, but we will be there and would love to meet Dianna and you!!!

Thanks, again ~

Kathy and Christian
Fayetteville, NC

Christian and Kathy said...


if you don't mind, what is the total cost of your amazing estate to date? Also, how much land are you on?

Thanks, again!!! =)

Dave Rider said...

Hi Christian and Kathy,

Sounds like the two of you have a game plan - that's important.

Our costs so far are in the neighborhood of $200K US. We're nearing the end of large outlays and then it's just living.

Our lot is 55 x 325'. We own half of the fenced-in enclosure (if you're looking at it through Google Earth eyes). We get to make use of the other lot to stage dirt rocks, etc., and for extra parking.

Good luck with your adventure.