18 August, 2011

No Flux, No Luck

The past couple of days have just been hell on earth. Almost as bad as our losing Miss Blue and Mr. Midas.

"What was it", you ask?

Well, let me tell you. Our beer fridge went on the fritz. We would open the door to the fridge, you could hear the compressor running, and grab a cold one... Wrong. Grab a room-temperature one. Man, there's just something wrong with that - especially at this time of year.

Anyway, I went immediately to the computer and sent out an email requesting that anyone in the local area knowing of a good refrigerator repairman to forward me their number. A couple of folks told me to contact Alberto Coyoc and Sons. I knew where they were located. I drive past their shop every few days, if I need to pick up something from D's Market.

Anyway, they came the following day, at the crack of 10:00 AM in the morning and proceeded to check out and work on the fridge.
Their Truck Sign
Alberto (age 71) and his son, Alberto, Jr., (who lived in Queens, NY for about 19 years) are very professional and very pleasant to deal with. They quickly found the cause of our fridge's problem and started to work on it.
Alberto & Alberto, Jr.
 Altogether, it took them a few hours to fix the problem. There was a leak in the capillary tube that runs up the back of the fridge, and another small leak in a filter near the fittings they installed. They had to come back this morning to fix that one, hence the title of this posting, coined by Dianna, as they had forgotten their flux yesterday and the second leak was a result of that.

We spent most of the time they were here having very interesting conversations with them as they worked. They are very proud to be members of the Association of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technicians, Belize. The association provides an on-going training program for its members.
Members In Good Standing
After their visit this morning (with flux in hand), the fridge is working well. The icebox is busy getting quite cold and the beer, I'm glad to say, is becoming downright chilly. Just perfect. A major tragedy averted without a doubt.

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