16 May, 2011

Sunday Morning Grab Bag Comes On A Monday

Just a slight change in the routine, but hey, we're flexible, right?

As usual, this a smorgasbord of stuff, mostly photos I've shot, that don't really fit anywhere else.

For example, the shot below is of one of our two kitties, Miss Blue. She retired from the Washington State Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC) - well, at least that's where she spent a good deal of her time at their offices. They were located about two houses down the street from our duplex apartment, so much so that they even fed her.

When we moved, several JLARC staffers made us promise to provide updates on her activities. Below is one of her favorite things to do. She sends her best wishes to all her friends.
Miss Blue, Still Enjoying Retirement
Now, a few days before Easter, while walking the doggies, I spied this character, using the initials of E.B., somewhat relaxed on the sidewalk. That photo was taken sans bottles. I implied that perhaps they had been tossed over the fence before the shot was taken.

This photo, corrects that mistaken image. Here we see EB in all his glory. Of course, now it's after Easter and he can claim to be relaxing after an epic journey providing Easter eggs around much of the world. Uh huh.
EB - The Photo I Should Have Used
Changing scenes once again, we're now at a meeting of the Corozal Men's Group (also known as The Royal Order of the Knights That Do Nothing, International, Belize Branch, Corozal Chapter 001).

This particular meeting was at Nigel's place - that's him below preparing some of the fine fare the group is noted for.
Nigel Working Magic At Men's Group Meeting
Of course, as anyone can testify, we work mightily at solving the world's problems at each meeting, applying liberal doses of beer or other tipples, and of course, high quality junk food. You can see an example of our deliberative processes going on below.
Solving The World's Problems
Shifting once again on our stationary pedestals, we are now treated to a different scene, although one which has become fairly routine in our neighborhood. Mr. Trummer's 'trac-hoe' or 'high-ho' as some folks refer to it, most recently was excavating for a canal bulkhead at Doug and Twyla's place. It's also tasked with placing those large boulders back into the trench its bucket digs.
A Common Neighborhood Sight
Here's an example of the filled trench the trac-hoe leaves when it's done.
Doug and Twyla's Bulkhead Aborning
And now, back to Casa Winjama, where we see the ladies taking part in their Friday afternoon exercise/swim session in our pool. This session usually last about an hour and a half, then everyone who didn't join in the exercise session gets together for happy hour, a social get-together where those attending provide their own snacks and drinks. Strictly an informal affair.
Lady's Swim Time
A couple of weeks ago, Dianna and I barbequed some pork ribs our Godson Isaiel had provided for us. Man, were they ever good - and they fed us for about two or three meals as well.
Real Men Wear Aprons
As you can see, I'm sporting a proper chef's apron. Probably not exactly the way Hiram Abif would have done it. But, if he'd thought of it and if he'd had a nice BBQ and a great set of ribs, he'd have done it just like this!
The Master Chef At Work
Here's a shot I've been meaning to take and post for quite some time, but it's just one of those things you never seem to get around to, y'know? Anyway, this is the side door of the local Roman Catholic church in Corozal. It's had carved and painted and celebrates the consecration of the first native-born Belizean bishop, O.P. Martin, in 1982, and when Pope John Paul II visited Belize in 1983. A pretty big deal, I guess, for those of that faith.

We walk past it every day, and I thought it was interesting and worth posting.
Carved Church Doors
Ok, we've reached the end of another grab bag. Aren't you glad?

I've got to run. I just got a text message from Loreta that she and Bill are watching the Cubbies on I've got to check it out.



JRinSC said...

I am slowly finding out what you already have: retirement does not necessarily slow you down - rather you can operate in "Belizean" time and finish that project tomorrow and not wait until next weekend! I may not get as much done each day around the house, but the cumulative result is way more than I did when working.

You do your bit of socializing and pool duty but it is amazing to look back at some of your blog to how it was some time ago -- like the pics of your house coming down the road!

Keep up the good work (and the blog articles) and here's to a good summer!


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

I think you hit the nail on the head! And thanks for the nice comment.

You have a good summer too. Right now, I'd be happy with a little rain - we haven't had an appreciable rainfall since March 10. Things are getting just a tad dusty.


Lion Lady said...

Guess your webs between your toes have dried out since you left the Pacific NW. It's been soooo rainy up here, we've only had three days of nice weather the entire Spring. Held off planting anything until it warms up...maybe next July. Sure different from last yr. Those things matter when y r retired.

Y R still lucky living where you the blog.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Jeanette,

Sounds like a truly dreary spring.

All in all, doesn't retirement just beat the daylights out of working?

Let's hope your summer is better.