22 May, 2011

Patio Project Update

The latest project is coming along quite nicely, considering that Carlos works for us one day a week. Two weeks ago, Carlos spent most of Friday trimming rocks that would be placed in a wall. This Friday, he started placing them.
Carlos Positioning Rocks For The Wall
The wall has started growing right before our eyes. It'll take just a few Fridays and we should have most of the wall done.
Placing More Rocks In The Wall
Once he turned the corner, it seemed the wall really took off. It looks sort of flimsy right now, but just wait a bit.
The Wall Advances
A second course begins to follow the initial one down the way. It's beginning to look more official as the day advances.
Carlos Adding A Second Course
Here's a view of the wall from patio center. It's already beginning to look quite nice. I can't wait to see the finished product.
It Really Is A Wall
Now, from this view, it begins to look much more substantial. Carlos has begun filling the interior to really beef up the wall.
The Wall Begins To Look Substantial
There's still a good pile of shaped rocks to choose from.
Lotsa Rocks Everywhere
Again, from the middle of the patio, it really begins to look official from this vantage.
Another View From the Middle Of The Patio
Now, you can easily see the wall is beginning to look like it will in finished form.
The Wall Attains It's Final Shape
And, these last two views really show how the wall is progressing. The top will eventually form a bench seat, for comfortable seating all around the patio.
The Wall Begins to Look Massive
The final view till next Friday. I like the way it looks. Once the pavers are in place, and the bed behind the wall is filled with plants, and the palapa is in place, it'll really become a cozy and intimate area, a nice part of the pool complex.
A Nice Looking Wall


Rick said...

You two should think about putting a "time capsule" in the fence before it is done. Carlos looks like he's making it to last forever. After "forever" it would be cool for someone to find the "time capsule" though. Looks great, nice work.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Rick,

What a cool idea! Thanks. We'll have to give it some thought about what to include. We've got one or two of those aluminum fuel bottles from our backpacking days that might just be perfect for the job.
Thanks for the nice comments too.

Dave and Dianna

JRinSC said...

Another neat project for you guys. I like it. Now that you've used up (or will shortly) all the places on your lot I guess you can cut a hole somewhere and connect to the lot you can purchase next door. Think of all the good stuff you can do over there!

Hope some day to come by and take a tour through Casa Winjama


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Y'know, it's just like remodeling a house, you can't just do one project in isolation. They all bleed together and one leads to another.
We're looking forward to getting this done and then maybe seeing some of the rest of Belize.
Give us a shout when you do - the beer's cold.