22 May, 2011

Even on Sunday, Some Work Gets Done

I was just sitting here at my desk a few minutes ago, surfing through (http://www.reddit.com),  when I heard someone at the gate. Carlos had come back again with a second load of extremely heavy wood for the patio palapa. He was keen to get the wood now as it would be quite dry (Belize is in the middle of a pretty severe drought. There have even been some cattle deaths and crop damage because of a lack of water). Of course, that didn't mean it really weighed any less.
Unloading Wood For The Palapa
After they unloaded the lumber and left, I brought in the quality control team to do their usual thorough job of inspection.
Our Crack Quality Control Team
On the last post, about the wall being constructed, Rick made a nice comment, but what was really interesting, was his suggestion of a time-capsule for the wall. That might just be a cool thing to do.

Of course, now we need to think of some stuff to put into a capsule that would be of interest to folks in the far off future. Hmmm, definitely have to give that some though. If you have any 'relevant' ideas, we'd love to hear 'em.

No, I don't think shoving a bottle of Belikin into the capsule would be good. Maybe if the Belikin bottle was the capsule. They do seem to be sort of indestructible.

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