08 May, 2011

My Phone List

I will be the first to admit it. I've left a lot of businesses off this list. Mostly because they weren't in my phone. It doesn't necessarily mean I don't do business with them. And keep in mind this is a first cut... four plus years in the making, but a first cut nonetheless.

What this is supposed to do is to help the 'newbies' here to begin to get a leg up on who to contact for what. If you use someone else and want to tell me I've got the wrong person/company or whatever, that means you're too advanced for this list. You've started your own list - which is what you should be doing. Good on you. Just make sure to keep it backed up, if you can.

If you take your phone swimming, like I have a couple of times, and you haven't backed it up. it's damn near fatal. Losing ones' phone list down here can be terrible.

So keep in mind what the purpose of this list is and that it's just a start for some folks. Also, unless it specifically says the name of a town, this list is centered on Corozal. Lastly, if you can't find it anywhere else, try Cinty's. I don't have a phone number for them. They probably have what you're looking for.

[This list is seriously out of date. Please check Corozal Living on Facebook for the current phone list]


  1. I really like your list, and it has some familiar names, but I can't read the numbers on the blog. Please reformat the list so it can be read. It is a super idea, and you have a great list. Thanx

  2. Hi Rick,

    I'm glad you like it. Sorry about the viewing problem. I'm using Firefox and it looks fine from here.

    Not sure what to suggest. You might copy and paste it into an Excel-like program and reformat it for your own uses.

    I'll play around with it as I have time, but it'll be a few days before that happens.


  3. Dave, I don't know what happened, but now I can read it fine. Thanx again

  4. Hi Rick,

    I did play around a bit with it. Added some striping to make it easier to follow and enlarged the topics and numbers as well.

    Glad you got it to work ok.

    Hope everyone finds it useful. Like I said, it's not a comprehensive list, just those that were in my phone.


  5. Is this another way of backing up your phone contacts?? Creative way I must admit.

    With Verizon I have discovered that they have a "backup assistant" pgm on the website that allows one to enter new numbers at either spot (computer or phone) and then sync the two on command. This took care of my manual listing!!

    Dave, I notice that you listed the two female doctors with a Dra. prefix. For some reason I had never run across that before. I like it and will use in the future since my new gp is a wonderful lady that really knows her stuff.



  6. Hi Julian,

    Hmmm, interesting. I hadn't thought of this as an alternate backup plan.

    The "Dra." is the Spanish abbreviation. 'Doctora' Vasquez indicates a female doctor. Since this is how they list themselves, I've followed suit.

    Don't forget to roll your r's when you say it.


  7. Very useful, thanks Dave. I have no problem reading it. I use IE.


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