09 January, 2011

Time for another Grab Bag

I wasn't the only one doing 'Christmas' cleaning and such. Christmas is when everyone in Belize cleans, paints and rehabs their digs, I'm guessing, to impress good ol' St Nick, so they get lots of goodies. Probably the real reason is that it's cool at that time of year - good for painting, at least. But, it certainly brought us out of summer torpor.

I was busy, but Dianna kept herself and Edna, our cleaning lady, really busy. Oh sure, I had to move the satellite cable from one side of the room to another, but that was about the extent of my involvement. Our living room is completely different now, thanks to their efforts.
Our New Living Room Arrangement
I've even been reorganizing my workshop drawers. Making use of some narrow strip of plywood I had laying around for some project or other, I had Guillermo Magaña true up the edges and rip the plywood. Then, I cut it to size and notched it to make small bins in the drawers. It's still a work in progress.
A Well-Organized Drawer
While I was at Guillermo's cabinet shop, I saw one of his workers busy sanding a beautiful stair railing.
Just Some More Gorgeous Woodwork
I had mentioned that I didn't catch a shot of the green-leafed tree marking the cave-in in the road. Well, Vivien did catch it and was nice enough to send it to me. So, here it is in all its danger-warning glory.
Traffic Safety Tree
Let's see, what else? Well, there was a couple of shots I took at Jennie and Nigel's on the occasion of Gary's B-day.
Jenni With Gary's B-Day Cake

Gary's New Baby, Lizzy
Well, I think that's about it for now. Some things I either forgot to include in a posting, didn't have the photo at the time, or some other good reason. Anyway, enjoy. It's time to feed the doggies. They're outside, prancing around on the porch, trying discreetly to get my attention.


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