25 October, 2010

Richard Is So Yesterday

Good morning everyone. For us Richard turned out to be a non-event. We got some slight breeze and a little rain. I think we've gotten more rain this morning than we did yesterday.

I think folks down south of us got more damage. I heard on LoveFM last night that the Western Highway was unusable and that the Northern Highway was damaged between Belize City and Sand Hill. I have not heard any updates today, so I don't know if those conditions are accurate.

As far as I know, no damage has been reported in the Corozal District.

I was just going to go out to begin removing the hurricane shutters as I saw some sunlight peeking through. But, just as I got to the porch, rain started again. It's one of those days to brew up a cuppa and read a good book, I think.



Anonymous said...

Glad we took a chance and did not get the satellite dish taken down. Remember the trouble Denis had getting it up and going. I expet someone will be taking down our plywood soon too,

Unknown said...

Happy it was a non-event. Have a good lazy day... :)


Lynn and Pete said...

Hi guys! Glad you missed the worst of Tricky Dick! HA! Looking forward to seeing you all in Feb!

JRinSC said...

Hi Guys - glad you skipped by another one. Annual event it seems like!

I was reminded of our plywood covers on our old beach house on Pawleys Island on the SC coast. We had them numbered with the number on the plywood and on the window frame (somewhere). Your method is more verbose, but then you don't need numbers on the frame -- although you could start at a certain point as #1 and go from there. hmmm... Don't have the house on Pawleys anymore so I don't think I'll worry about it.

Take care.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

We got wordy on the plywood needlessly. Most of the pieces are exactly the same size. Oh well, just in case we forget that, I guess.


Harry said...

We didn't get nothin' here in Punta Gorda, just a little overcast with a light breeze.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Harry,

I think those of us who got by easy were lucky. Let's keep the good thoughts for Tomas to go somewhere other than Belize. I'm tired of putting up the hurricane shutters already.