24 October, 2010

More Bunker Hunkering

As I promised a few minutes ago in my comment on the last posting, here's some shots of the hurricane shutters we put up on both houses.

First, I was tickled with the shot on Google Earth that clearly shows Hurricane Richard. Now if we could just get them to update the land images more often.
You Can Almost See Us Waving
It's still drizzling and blowing (about 10-15 MPH), so quite comfortable right now.

Here's the shots of the Hurricane Shutters:
Front Porch Hurricane Shutter
The above shot is of our Mennonite house shutters. There's a groove in the burglar bar so we can just slide the plywood into place. I have some bolts (not installed yet for this house) that will lock the plywood into place if the wind really howls. Not much to look at but they're very effective.

The only problem with the Mennonite house is that we only have shutters for the front and back upstairs - we didn't have any bars made for the side windows. We may look into rectifying that sometime. We have shutters for all the windows downstairs to shield the workshops and utility rooms.
Guesthouse Hurricane Shutters
The guesthouse is much more organized regarding the shutters. We have 'em for each window. And, each one is locked in place with a 1/2" bolt. It took us about 10 minutes per house to put these up.
More Guesthouse Shutters
The only thing I forgot for the guesthouse is shutters for the A/C units. Strong wind blows water through the cooling fins. Minor oversight that will be corrected in a couple of weeks.

As you can see, not much is going on here right now. I took these photos about 3:30 PM or so. If things change much, I'll take some more. If we get much of a storm surge, I'll be sure to include some shots of that as well - assuming we're not swimming for all we're worth.

Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers. It's all appreciated. I think we're in pretty good shape for this thing.

More later,


Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

Its the middle of the storm and it looks like it is south of you guys. Hopefully just rain and some wind and back to normal tomorrow.

Be safe down there and all the best..

Bob M

Unknown said...

Stay safe! I hope it passes quickly.