11 May, 2010

Now the Fun Begins

That's according to Dianna. Everything up to this point was necessary drudgery just to get to the finishing and decorating part. I guess tiling of the floors and shower was actually part of this part of the project.

Today, I had to zoom into town to get some silicone grease for a replacement O-ring for the chlorine tablet tower for the pool. The old O-ring was badly affected by the chlorine fumes that accumulated under the tower lid. What I ended up getting was a silicone lubricant in a spritz bottle - no one had silicone grease. From what I've read online, replacing the O-ring may be an annual affair. Well, now that I know where to get the O-rings, it's an easy fix.

Along with getting the silicone lube, I also picked up 5-gallons of white, latex exterior concrete primer, a couple of rollers, trays, and brushes.
Priming Bedroom #1
Right after I got back with the goods, the guys got to work painting both bedrooms. It'll take about 2-gallons per bedroom.
Priming Bedroom #2
Man. priming really brightens up each room. I can't wait till we get all of the place primed - inside and out. Then the final colors go on. That'll be neat.

One other thing happened today. Mayo cast the septic tank hatch yesterday. When he went to lift it out to remove the form, guess what? It was stuck. It seemed that some concrete had oozed under the form and prevented an easy lift.

He rigged up a pole with wire looped several times around it and the hatch handle, but no go. I came in and tried to help. That didn't do it either. We called in Cody and before we tried our massive, combined strength, I had the bright idea of trying my hydraulic jack from the Isuzu. We put it under the pole and cranked - slowly. All of a sudden, POP! The hatch broke free and just the little bit of concrete broke from the hatch.

After that, Mayo finished tiling the hatch and that pretty much finished the construction-type work in the guesthouse.
Access Hatch In Stealth Mode
There's still a little grout to be applied to the hatch, but what an outstanding job.

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