09 May, 2010

Giant Rocks Coming Ashore

I don't know how else you'd explain it, but close to our house on the far side of the canal, some really large rocks have appeared over the last several days, lining themselves up like they're marching ashore.
Suddenly, Rocks Appeared
As I approached the bend in the canal, the rocks began to appear. They don't appear to move, but obviously, at night, things are way different.

From the bend,you can see an endless line of them, each as big as a car.
The Endless Line
Rounding the bend and getting quite close to them, one couldn't help but wonder what force of nature caused this to occur?
On In To the Distance
 I approached the point expecting to see a steady stream of them marching ashore. All appeared quiet. Perhaps they really do only come ashore at night.
No New Arrivals
Hearing a noise, I spun around expecting a barrage of pebbles as they attempted to drive me off. But, no. They're more subtle than that. They all were just sitting there, almost like someone intended them for a breakwater. Oh, the sneakiness. Oh, the subterfuge.
A Quick Look Backwards
I managed a safe retreat back to the sanctuary of our fence. Lucky for me, as I had ventured out without even a rock or chipping hammer for defense. All I had was my trusty camera in order to document this unwarranted invasion. Where will it all lead? When will it all end?


Anonymous said...

Aliens are planning a runway there. Better watch out for em.

Vivien said...

It is those darn Corozal Bay aliens moving things around again.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Anymouse,

A new intra-galactic space port happening here. That'll put us a step ahead of Placencia.


Hi Vivien,

Are they the same ones who move the rocks in Death Valley? Probably responsible for a crop circle or two as well.