09 January, 2010

I Don't Think It's Big Enough

This morning, I went out to accomplish several things, not necessarily in the order listed.

1) To score some snacks for the Men's Group Meeting today - necessary while we debate and solve all the world's major problems, such as this link that I sent to Jim yesterday:
( Now, if that's true, or even if it isn't, it'd at least make a dynamite TV series, or a whole slate of block-buster movies, 3-D or not; and

2) Get a couple pounds of 1" and 1½" drywall screws. Not that I need them for hanging drywall, but they're just handy for fastening all manner of stuff to other stuff; and

3) Pay for our bi-monthly dog food co-op shipment. Unfortunately, I was early on that one, so I'll have to try a bit later; and

4) To cruise by Billy and Pam's place and snap a photo or two for them of the tree on their place that decided to give up the ghost. Here's a shot of the tree:
If No One Was Around, Did It Make A Sound?
Returning from that mission, I took a shortcut (as you do) to D's Super Market, and naturally got a mite confused. Not that I was lost - I knew I was in the general area. Anyway, while cruising around, I happened to see something I had seen almost a year ago, and had been looking for it, more or less, ever since. Seeing as how I had my camera handy, I pulled over and snapped a few shots of the most bodacious gate I've ever seen in Corozal.
Hence the Posting Title
This thing is monstrous. It's so big it just overwhelms the rest of the fence and the three houses in the compound. I'm pretty sure it wasn't made by the welding shop down at the Texaco station in Corozal. My guess is it was imported from China. I wonder what the duty on something like that would be?

After that, I did find D's and got the necessary snacks for the meeting. On leaving D's, I stopped at Lano's Supply for the screws. As luck would have it, they were out of 1" and 1½" drywall screws (as happens here in the 3rd world. they did have some 1¼" drywall screws, so that's what I got.

That comprises my work project for the day. Now, all I have to do is prep for the meeting. Make sure I have the proper regalia (shorts and t-shirt) and all my supporting paraphernalia (beer and the snacks). Yup, I'm good to go.


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all i can say on yhis one is

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love your site, and look forward to meeting you one day when down to check on house