08 January, 2010

Early Morning Concert

Each morning, just before sunrise in downtown Corozal's Central Park, there's a free concert put on by, oh, about 400 to 500 amateur singers.

Central Park Concert
(Please Note: Although this is a large file, you should
be able to play it ok as it's been converted to a Flash file)

Oh, didn't I mention the singers are most, if not all of the grackles (black birds) who live in and around Corozal? It seems that Central Park is their favorite roost and everybody who's anybody just has to be there and take part in the morning chorus.

This morning, while walking the girls, we traversed Central Park as we do most mornings. Today, we were a few minutes early, so had most of the birds still in the trees, just getting ready for the day's work.

The video really doesn't let you see just how many birds there are roosted in the trees of Central Park. The sound gives a pretty fair approximation of what it sounds like. Crank your volume to get the full effect. It's not unusual to hear the concert from several blocks away (Maybe that's where Hailey's learned about noisy music).

You can also hear some human-type music mixed in. That's the ladies who clean the park benches and walkways from all the grackle detritus each morning... They've got their reggae cranked as well.

Whenever you're in Corozal, you really owe it to yourself to get out of bed well before sunrise and hotfoot it down to Central Park to take advantage of this extraordinary event that takes place every day.

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