11 November, 2009

Rearing Grounds

I was just out by our canal seeing how Isaiel is doing with painting the fence pieces. I happened to look in the canal, the cutout area on our property - our boat slip area, as I call it.
A Tightly Packed School of fingerling "Sardines"
It's hard to tell from this size of image what you're looking at. I'm pretty sure if you click on the image - either one, you'll be amazed at the number of fish in this cloud, right here in our canal.
The School's Swirling Around
Pretty impressive. There must be several thousand in there at least. Probably most end up as some larger fish's lunch. But for now, it's just amazing to see.


  1. testing testing 1-2-3...

  2. Good work Dave... glad to be able to harass you again in real time...


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