11 November, 2009

Dare I Say, Construction Starts Again?

Wow! It's been a good seven or eight months since we last had any construction going on here. Not that I minded the quiet, but I sure would like to get all this done.

Anyway, it's a start. We had our Godson, Isaiel, who built and installed most of the other metal pieces around the place get back to work finishing the back (canal-side) fence. He did the front fence so this was perfect.
Isaiel Readying Fence Pieces
Isaiel and Ramilo Unloading the Pieces
They unloaded them yesterday afternoon. Today is spent painting one side of the pieces and boring holes in the concrete for studs to mount the metal pieces, which will happen tomorrow.

Ramilio Carrying A Piece
Moving a Large One  
It feels good to finally have some forward momentum. Let's hope it continues through to completion.

Ramilio Positioning Pieces
Isaiel Painting Pieces
Isaiel PaintingAnother Piece
A little Rustoleum goes a long way to improving the looks of the pieces. Tomorrow, they'll be installing the pieces. Of course then, the doggies will stop talking to us for a while, once they realize their free and easy access out of the yard is history. They'll have forgotten all about it by suppertime.

Of course, while all the exotic construction is going on, the regular maintenance and upkeep must also move forward. Cody, our caretaker, is conveniently working near Isaiel and Ramilio.

Conversation has been going non-stop. That's all right. The work is getting done. Besides, it's not often on the job that Cody has company to chat with. He works alone a lot of the time, and he's a good steady, honest worker, so I won't begrudge him some company now.

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