13 November, 2009

Don't Fence Me In

This just might be the mournful song Cindy will be singing before too long as the last of our metal fence parts go up alongside the canal.
Cindy Thinks She's Pretty Smart
She's still not exactly sure what's going on with the fence parts. Up till now, she's been the ring leader on the sporadic escapes from the yard. Well, that's all about to change.
Fence Bits At the Ready.
Note Isaiel's Welding Machine 
Isaiel Welding the First One
Above, you can see several of the fence bits ready to be put up. In fact, the first one had already been tac-welded in place. Below, the guys are hard at work fitting the various bits for welding.
Ramilio Cutting Steel
Isaiel Welding the Pieces in Place
The way they're mounted to the concrete wall is like this. Holes are bored, and steel rods stuck in place. These are trimmed as the large piece is fitted to ensure a consistent and level fit. Once Isaiel decides the fit is correct, he tac-welds it all together, and then does a final welding to ensure everything stays in place.
Pegs in Ready for Fence Bits
After the first two pieces were fully welded in place, it was time to knock off. Monday is when they'll finish up. Isaiel's band has either a three-day gig or three gigs this weekend, beginning on Friday. It's ok. We're not in a huge rush for them. I did ask Isaiel to place the remaining pieces up against the wall positioned to block the low places, so we can get the dogs used to being penned in (I think Cindy thinks it's just a temporary measure).

This morning when I went into town to get some packages from the post office, I saw our neighborhood vultures waiting their turns for a meal.
Yummers! Man Does That Look Tasty!

1 comment:

  1. Just had to say how cute that little Cindy is! And very photogenic!

    Fence is looking great, we'll have to get down and admire it soon.

    Twyla and Doug


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