19 October, 2009

Might Be A Busy Week

This could just be a busy, busy week. First, I should be getting the Isuzu back from Rick, the mechanic. I had it in for an engine rebuild. Some bad rattling going on before I took it in. Also, I hope he fixes the A/C condensation leak problem. The passenger floor area has been sopping for so long.

Let's see, I should also be getting a couple pair of shorts and a couple of shirts from Alex. I'm looking forward to that. Doug just had Alex make about 5 or 6 pair of shirts for him too. We all keep the tailor busy!

We're also hoping to head back to Chetumal this week to see Inglorious Basterds. Should be fun. Another hot dog and popcorn, yum!

And, with luck, Dianna will be back on the Intertubes with her laptop. It's been non-functional for about a month, since the fan crapped out. That should be in to Blue PC. Installation should be a breeze (no pun intended).

And, just possibly, Isaiel will be back this week with some fence pieces for the back fence. The doggies better enjoy it while they can. Their days of freedom are about over. They've actually been pretty good about not jumping over the concrete part of the fence, that is, until just recently. They've even chased Eugene riding by the house on his bicycle. A big no-no.

Right now, we have a cold front through. We slept with a blanket on the bed last night. The pool is down to about 89º or 90º degrees (f). I had goose bumps on my arms and legs while we were walking the dogs yesterday. Probably more of the same today too. It's hell when you become acclimated. If the temp goes down to 80º - goose bumps... Who'da thought? I can't wait for winter. If it drops down to the low sixties again this year, we don't have enough warm clothing!

I know, I know. All you folks up north are having a hard time believing that's possible. Believe me. Once your bod adjusts to the temps down here, minor fluctuations cause all kinds of heavy clothing, including gloves and "tuques" to come out of the woodwork. We used to laugh when we'd see all that heavy clothing down here. Now, we're looking for it too.

Well, I guess that's enough stuff for one week. If everything happens like it's supposed to, then (it'll be a miracle, if it does) we'll be busy, busy, busy.

I wouldn't mind if it warmed up, though.

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bonbon said...

Bite Your tongue, This is perfect weather. I wait all year for it to get this way. Wished we had months of it, instead of just a few days.