23 June, 2009

The Road Closes In

Just to remind you why we live here. The other day, while we were on our morning walk, there appeared over Corozal Bay, a gorgeous rainbow. Here's the picture of it. The rainbow didn't come through all that well, but I think you'll get the idea.
Rainbow Over the Bay
Now to the topic at hand. The other day, we had a Mennonite house moving down the road and shortly thereafter, Doug and Twyla decided to begin construction of a front fence. Was there a connection? Not really. The contractor, wanting to keep his crew busy between projects, made Doug and Twyla a good deal on building the fence. Just serendipity at play.

Here's the trenching for their fence going in. At this time, they're only doing the front portion.
Front Fence Stretches Along
And a view of the same from out on the road.
Roadside View
Here, you can see the fence footing as it curves in to form the gate area.
Fancy Fence Curve
I'll include more as the build progresses.

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