23 June, 2009

As the Road Narrows

I had to go in to town this morning to Villa's Imports to get more 1/8th inch cable clamps for the antenna guy wires. I decided that since it was so nice after a week of rain, that I would ride my bike in. On the way, I stopped to say hi to Doug and Twyla and kibitz with them about their new fence that is being built.

Turns out that Doug needed to go into town as well to get a rather beefy knife switch for his generator. He was also planning to go to Villa's, so he decided to ride with me.

Doug needed to make a cash stop at the bank first, so we wheeled down along the waterfront to head to the bank. Along the way, we were brought to a halt by a small little parade for Public Service Employees Day. The day where all the government agencies wave the flag, or at least their agency banner, and have employees marching in the parade.

It was a fun interlude on our trek. We stopped to watch and I took a few photos of the procession.
Belize Defense Force (BDF) Band
Belize Defense Force (BDF) Marching
There were all sorts of agencies represented - military, police, Social Security, Sub-Treasury, etc.
Belize Police Marchers
Belize Police Drum Unit
More Marchers
Uprising Youth Drum Corps
After the parade passed, we jumped back on our bikes and zoomed off for the bank, having to work our way around to get in front of the parade to get to the bank.

From the bank, we made it to Villa's. While there, I found they had CLR in stock, so I bought a bottle. It's been months since they've had it in stock. Strike while the iron is hot!

After our purchases, we headed back home. As we approached Doug's house, it was evident the workers had been busy laying blocks for the wall. Here's a couple of pictures showing progress still fairly early in the day.
Block Work At Doug and Twyla's
More Block Work At Doug and Twyla's

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