28 March, 2009

Some Cool Links - Gone - Not Cool

My apologies to those of you following Blogs or other Websites through my list of "Some Cool Links." It disappeared. I thought I had a backup (really, honest, I did do a backup), because I had been experimenting with a possible template change. But that backup was only partial. It didn't list the contents of some of my addons - and Cool Links was one of those addons.

I've learned my lesson. I'll do a weekly full backup, so those sorts of issues shouldn't cause but momentary panic with the Winjama IT staff (that's me, BTW).

I did manage to retrieve two links that I had been following on my own. So, there's at least a start. If any of you just happen to have a list you might have printed or saved of the Cool Links, I'd appreciate it if you'd send it my way, or even if you can describe one of the sites that was in Cool Links, that'd help.


Richard Lawry said...

I recently had some similar issues. After all my problems, I went back to my old template.

An Arkies Musings

Sandy A. said...

thnx for fixing it! I bookmarked "our Slice of Paradise" link.