29 March, 2009

Update on Guest House

Well, I wish I could say that the guest house is moving right along. It's not. I could lay the blame on the economy - that's certainly an issue, but honestly, it hasn't been enough of an issue to affect us to such a degree.

What did happen was we ran into some tax problems with the IRS. We had made early withdrawal of a couple of IRAs. Of course, being the financial wizards that we are, we miscalculated the attendant taxes and penalties. And, of course, Uncle Sam wants his as soon as possible.

So, we've regrouped, and slowed the construction in order to pay the extra penalties. Sometime after July we should be more or less back on track. We are looking forward to getting the guest house finished this year anyway (sound of fingers crossing).

With this slow-down, we'll be right in keeping with construction techniques here in Belize - unfinished buildings. This is just one more, except, we can use ours.
Dianna Enjoying the Guest House
Dave Doing the Same
As you can see, we're using the guest house, right now, as a palapa for the pool. Better than nothing. Plus, it gets us into it more often (every day) to visualize the interior finishing of the place. And, as you can tell, the view of the pool is simply beyond compare. BTW, we're in the pool every day now - several times a day too. The pool temperature is staying pretty constant. 90° - 93° (f) without the solar cover at night, and 94° - 96° (f) with it in place. If there's no breeze, it's getting hard to tell when you've actually gotten into the water, well, sorta anyway.

So, to sum it all up... We've slowed down on the construction, but things will move ahead sooner or later (hopefully sooner). We're more than happy with the progress we've made so far, and this is really the last major bit of the whole project. Much better to slow down now than at the beginning!

We're happy, we're healthy, we're not broke or bankrupt - just cautiously optimistic now, and moving slowly toward completion.


Anonymous said...

What, not done? You don't expect me to come down there and live in squall er do you!! Just kidding! Love ya.

Dave Rider said...

Naw. You just have to wait till it's done unless there's a waiting list...

Texican said...

Reading about IRS problems on your blog is just wrong on so many levels. Of course you're right, caution makes sense, and as you've explained increasing patience comes with the territory. Cheers!