23 February, 2009

Roof Ridge Rises Rapidly

Today we've had some progress on the construction. A roof ridge is being added. This does more than create a cosmetic appearance to the roof. It will help channel rain water toward the back of the roof so it goes down the two downspouts and then into cisterns (yet to come).

It's only one block high, but thats plenty for the purpose. It'll also give a more secure feeling when you have to go up on the roof for any reason.
Roof Ridge On the Way
Here's the ridge view from the back of the guest house. You can see the two down-spouts that will have 3" PVC piping connected to them eventually, directing the flow to cisterns that will also be located around back.
Roof Ridge and Down-Spouts
Here's the view from the front of the place. It will give the roof a more substantial appearance from the ground.
Roof Ridge Front View

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