22 February, 2009

Nuevo Restaurante en la Ciudad

We had the pleasure today to have a wonderful lunch with Doug and Twyla and her folks, Signe and Kelvin. It was at a new place here in Corozal - they've been opened for only three days.

It's La Casa Restaurant, located at 147 - 5th Avenue, Corozal. It's easy to find. On 5th Avenue, adjascent to the turn for Cactus Plaza. I neglected to bring my camera along (I know that's strange in itself), so I don't yet have any pictures of La Casa to share. The restaurant opens about 7:00 AM for breakfast (complete with fresh-brewed coffee). They serve lunch too and close for the afternoon about 2:30 PM, opening again for the evening meal about 6:00 PM till 10:00 PM.

Actually, it is a bed-and-breakfast. In addition to the restaurant, they also have three rooms, complete with private bath, and (I think) A/C. The rooms seem spacious, clean and well appointed. Pricing is reasonable - $60.00 BZ single, and $75.00 BZ double.

Let me tell you, the food was very, very good. The menu features mostly Belizean and Mexican dishes, with Mayan additions soon to come. The service was outstanding, with everyone being quite attentive. Drinks arrived at the same time as did the meals (unusual down here, but much appreciated).

Prices are quite reasonable too. The six of us ate fried chicken or rice and beans and stewed chicken and drank (juices, tea, coffee and soft drinks only) for about $72.00 BZ.

They have a nice clean atmosphere inside, and as a special treat, they have a patio completely covered as an arbor with a roof of bougainvillea and garlic vine. It was cool, quiet and a very nice change of pace.

Jimmie, the owner, said they were full this morning for breakfast, so as word gets out, it might be worth it to call ahead. You can reach La Casa at 605-0159 or 625-4847, or by email at: jemaltd@hotmail.com.

Give La Casa a try. I think you'll like it. Give the patio a try. It's great.

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