21 February, 2009

Don't Put the Jeans Away Just Yet

This morning, it looked like we were going to get rain. The breeze was coming out of the north, which usually incidates lowering temperatures. So far, that hasn't happened. But, just in case, I'll keep my jeans available in case goose-bumps make a sudden appearance.

The year before last (May 2007) we were visited by a heavy-duty Land Rover RV ( up the Americas.

This year, we've been visited by another bodacious RV. I'm not sure of the make nor their itinerary as there was no one up and about when we came by. All I could do was snap a couple of shots showing this heavy-duty behemoth. I think it's even more bomb-proof than the 'Rover.
Front End of Heavy-Weight RV
Back End of Heavy-Weight RV

This morning, the fleet was in. We had eight pelicans hanging around the fisherman's pier. I think that's the most I've seen at once since we've been here.

Some of them had sort of a crown of golden feathers, while others didn't. I'm not sure what it signifies. I suppose it's some sort of differentiation between the sexes, or possibly young pelicans coming into adulthood.

Here they are. Most have turned toward us, as they probably thought we had some sort of food for them.

The bird on the post is a heron who, a few minutes prior to my snapping the shot, had been arguing with one of the pelicans as to who was going to stay on the post. I guess he won.
The Fleet's In


Wilma said...

Hello Dave and Dianna,

your circumstances, motivations, and experiences are eerily similar to ours. Our time table has been a little more stretched out and, even by Belize standards, we are at the back beyond of nowhere, but the parallels are striking.

I found your blog only a couple of weeks ago. After reading a few entries at random, I read it with great interest from first to most recent. I have kept a handwritten journal with some on and off again success, but your blog has me interested in starting my own blog (it is being created even as I write this comment). Though it will be difficult to match your easy way with words and your ability to find interest in the numdane, I will give it my best.

Dianna -- your garden is fabulous! The way you integrated the trellises into the plan is impressive (and inspiring!). I look forward to the next posts and seeing progress with the guesthouse, garden, and how you are living your life in Belize.


Wilma said...

P.S. I am claiming that "numdane" is not a typo, but instead an inspired freudian slip, emphasizing the numb of mundane! That is my story and I'm sticking with it...

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

Wow, I'm impressed! You read about two-years worth of blogging. "Numdane" is a good way to put it. I'd have been numbed out after that read too. I think you've coined a new word there!

Seriously, thank you very much for the nice comments about the blog. I'm glad it's helped inspire you to start your own blog. Hey, I don't claim any special talent. I just forced myself to write a little here, a little there. After a while, it did start to come easier. There's days now, that if I don't write, something doesn't feel right. But, there's also days when I have to force myself to write even a sentence or two.
Dianna will be so happy to see your comments about her garden.
Thanks again,