19 October, 2008

Our First Real Tryout

Ahhh, life in paradise. It's rough duty but someone's got to do it... I'm glad we volunteered.
Welcome to Casa Winjama!
Our first real day of trying our new pool on for size. It was great, but as it's the season, it was cut short by rain. That was OK, as we were beginning to get tired anyway.
Come On In!
The Water's Fine!
The place is really beginning to come together now. The pool just makes the whole place come to life.
From One End of the Pool
To The Other


  1. Wunderbar!! I'll rush out and get a bathing suit. It really is a truly great thing you folks have created. I am truly impressed.

  2. ta m gustaria estar en una piscinita de esas con el alorcito de ay hay q a gustito iba a estar ahi

  3. shelstrflygirl@hotmail.com27/10/08 16:47

    Dave & Dianna,

    I was checking in to see how your new life in paradise is going. It looks heavenly! Your place is really coming along and the pool looks very inviting. I am sitting here at EMD plugging along on a NW fall day. Very pretty with the leaves changing and all. It is even warm and sunny this week, can you believe it. I hit your blog as often as I can to see what is new. I admire you both for chasing your dream and making it a reality. It inspires me...

    Best wishes, Shelly Glenn

  4. Hi Shelly,
    Wow, someone from EMD following the blog. Cool!
    Your comments are so nice and so appreciated. Thank you.
    Say hi to all at EMD for me will you?


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