19 October, 2008

And the Rain Returns, But Guess What?

We don't care, cause the pool is done! Yea!

Yesterday morning involved some final cleanup of the pool itself, the deck, and surrounding area. The jets for the spa (well, the mechanisms anyway) had to be installed. That took altogether about three hours.
John and the Guys Figuring Out How
to Hook Up the Jet Mechanisms
Once the mechanisms were in, then we spent some time trying to figure out how they worked. Tough to do, since the only way to really tell was to have the pool full of water... A process that takes about 7 hours, for a little over 9756 gallons. John and the guys got it right first time. The jets work perfectly. The nozzle end is adjustable for water flow and the little knob on the deck controls the amount of air coming into the jet. Togther they make an enjoyable combination.

I tried them out yesterday afternoon - in the rain.
John Adjusting the Jet Mechanism
As a thank you for John and the crew, we put on a barbecue for them. We had several 1-1/2" steaks, chicken legs and thighs, German potato salad, baked beans, and veggies. Oh, and there was beer and Coke. We all ate till we were ready to pop. John had loaned us his BBQ - which performed admirably as did the locally made charcoal.
Mariano Getting the Charcoal Up to Temperature
We spent most of the day, starting about 11:00 AM, filling the pool. It finally was full at about 6:00 PM. We let the pump and filter run all night to really make the water crystal clear.

And this morning, here's what it looks like. It's done and ready to go. Gorgeous huh?


  1. Wow that looks great! I have really enjoyed following the progress.
    Hope the rain lets up soon so y'all can enjoy it!

  2. Julian Foster19/10/08 11:44

    Pool looks just right. Not too big to maintain easily! I plan to walk up on the deck and check it out this Christmas season when we come down for 2 weeks. It will be worth several cold Belikens for a tour -- after watching all your efforts (and results) for the past year I feel that I somehow have a miniscule investment in your holdings *grin*

    Job well done....

  3. Sandy,
    Thanks for the nice comments. We almost got in it this morning after I vacuumed the pool.
    But after other chores, the sky darkened and, there you go.
    It looks like it's lightening in the east, so we may have some pool-time yet this afternoon.

  4. Julian,
    Thanks also for the nice comments. what better way to spend Christmas than pool-side?
    We'll be ready!


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