24 September, 2008

Would You Believe It? Yet More Work!

I will tell ya, turn your back for a minute or two and things change dramatically. Here's the pump house this morning, with the roof form almost complete for the concrete pour.
Pump House Floor Almost Complete
And, a little while later, after Dianna and I got back from town shopping for tile for the pool steps, they're almost ready to pour. All that's left is for the form sides to go up.
Agusto Prepping the Form for the Pour
Mariano and Manuel Confer
And here they're putting the sides up. Won't be long now.
Form Sides Going Up
If you noticed, there's a couple of pipes sticking up through the roof of the pump house. Those do two things - one is the water for the waterfall coming off the underside of the roof, and the other is for a solar heater for the pool. In this case, that would be a good, long length of black plastic hose laid out on the roof - which will be coated with SnowSeal before too long (courtesy of Doug and Twyla, who gave us their leftover SnowSeal primer and topcoat). That white-white roof coating and black tubing should heat up the water a lot. We probably won't need to use it year-round at all, but it'll be nice when we do need it.

Here's some more view of the steps. You can see John is standing in the form for the added step. It won't intrude into the pool much at all.
John Filling the Steps
John Working on the Steps
Here you can see the bottom step has been filled with concrete and braced with extra blocks.
Agusto Showing Steps All Filled
Cody is finishing a short piece of fence for Dianna so she can begin planting her herbs and some veggies she's been wanting to get to. Thanks to Mack for sending us a whole passel of packs of herbs - much appreciated. We'll take pictures of the progress.
Herb Garden Starting


Oregon Deb said...

Hi Dave and Dianna, My husband and I just love reading your blog. We met you both briefly one morning at Miss June's in Corozal back in March of this year. We were headed back home to Oregon that morning. Glad your pool is coming along. Sounds wonderful!
Debbie and Dean

Anonymous said...

Bro. Dave & Sis. Dianna - Just a quick note to say Hi, and say that the project looks like it's coming along well.

Tomorrow is our Cider Squeeze & Wine Bottling day - Dpn & Shelly will miss it 'cause they're off on their Camping Weekend. We sure miss you two at the Fun activities!

Thanks for keeping this blog going, so's we can see how you're doing!

Jon & Marty in Olympia