26 September, 2008

Meanwhile, Zooming Along

Here's a couple I missed on posting. The actual pouring of the pump house roof. Here you go... Watch out for splashes!

Incidentally, the two pipes you see sticking up are the supply and return for the solar heater (black pipe) that we'll have up there eventually.
Mariano Pouring the Roof
Floating the same
Yesterday, they plastered the inside walls of the pump house. Really cleans it up a lot.
Mariano Plastering the Pump House
Pretty Well Done
Today, John tiled the floor of the pump house. I had to run into town to Creative Tile and get another box of matching tile. He can't complete it though, until the door is installed. Which may be next week, or may be not.
Pump House Tiling In Progress
Grouting the Tile
Here's some shots of the rebar for the top beam around the pool. It's being done in about three sections.
Rebar Tied in Place for the Ring
Ring Rebar Tied in Place
Lots of form work to get ready to pour. But, once the forms are up, then the pour goes real quick.
Manuel and Agusto Putting the Form Up Around the Steps
The Form Around the Steps
It takes quite a bit of lumber and hard work to get these forms in place. Remember, hard wood here is the order of the day. None of it is light, easy to saw, drill, or nail.
Backside Forms Going Up
Inside the Forms
Concrete actually making it into the forms. And, each bit has the vibrator applied to it to settle the mix into place.
Concrete Beam Forms Being Filled
Concrete Beam Forms Filled
Yesterday it rained hard enough in the evening that when the Mariners' game came on TV, I couldn't watch it as the satellite was blanked out - all evening long. It rained so hard the swimming pool had over a foot of water in it this morning.

Originally, we thought that was just due to extremely heavy rainfall. We found out this afternoon that it was mostly due to accumulation of rain outside the pool and flowing into it through the spa area, which is significantly lower than the other wall sections of the pool.

Here, you can see the water beginning to collect over the parking area of our place, and the water flowing through the palapa, where John, Cody and I had been sitting for protection from the rain.
Parking Area Flooding
Water Flowing Through the Palapa
And here, looking east from the palapa, you can see the swimming pool to the left, and all that water everywhere else. Luckily, earlier today, I had Cody bore three drain holes in the fence at the canalside. He inserted 1 1/4" PVC pipe into each and mortared them in. Just in time to. as this batch of rain started about 3:00 PM.
Water, Water, Water
The rain slacked off for a while around 5:30 PM, and picked up again about 6:30 PM. And, it continues to the present time, 8:50 PM. Thankfully, Cody's drain holes are working perfectly.
More Water, with More On The Way
Before Cody went home for the weekend we discussed putting in a whole 'nuther 3" drain pipe roughly paralleling the pool length-wise. It'll run under the fence at the canal to drain into the canal just like the other 3" drain. I'll add one or two round 4" floor drains in gravel fields and I'm thinking about a 24' long French drain tied into it that would be in a gravel bed right beside the pool running east-west.

We keep getting rain like this, It will get installed soon. It should go a long way to prevent this bodacious pooling that is going on right now.

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Anonymous said...

That was a lot of rain !
Pool is a work of art. Can't wait to see the finished product. Have you picked out tile for it yet? Don&Brenda