17 September, 2008

Moving Along

The pool is definitely moving along. This too is more of a grab-bag of its progress than an organized exposé. These first photos you can see the newly-poured floor for the pump house. This will house all the water controls as well as all the electrical stuff.
Manuel Stepping Over Pump House Floor Form
The Newly Poured Floor
Back View Showing a Wheelbarrow's Width
A bit of luck yesterday. John ran across a friend of his that was going to be coming back from San Pedro with his boat (a twin-engine something or other) and he volunteered to bring back all the bags of DiamondBrite, filter sand, the filter, the light, and all sorts of fittings as well. They were due to arrive at 5:00 PM yesterday at the fisherman's pier in Corozal. But a passing storm raised rough water and one of two engines decided to go down for the count. So, they arrived here shortly after 6:00 PM. Some boxes got wet, but that was about all. The DiamondBrite stayed nice and dry.
The Fiberglass Sand Filter
Agusto Opening the Skimmer, Lamp Housing and Lamp
Bags of DiamondBrite, Filter Sand, and Cement
Poor Cody. This was the forth time I've had him dig up the same trench. Hopefully, this will be the last time. Here he's busy re-filling the trench. It was necessary as we had to extend the water main and run new electrical service out to the pump house.
Cody Re-doing the Trench
Here you can see the pool lamp housing in place on the East end, and a back view of the same.
Lamp Housing Front
Lamp Housing Back
These two shots show the piping on the east side of the pool.
East Side Piping
More East Side Piping
Here you can see the sap outlined and ready for more blocks. They're digging out to put a bit more pipe in place.
Agusto Working in the Spa Area
Agusto and Manuel Digging For More Pipe
All that's left now of basic forming is the stairs. I think those will begin to take shape in the morning. Another photo opportunity.

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