16 September, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise

Ah, what would a day without construction going on be like? Quiet, perhaps?

At least, Ed Sosa and his bulldozer have moved up the road to Doug and Tyla's place for a while. That in itself makes things quieter by a large factor.

But then, if construction wasn't going on, we wouldn't be getting our pool built. And that would be a shame. I think having a pool here is one of those "necessary luxuries". I mean, even if we weren't getting a pool built, we'd still have to have our round, twelve-foot wading pool to cool off in. It's just such a treat to jump in, relax in a floaty, and have a nice cool beer, that makes a hot afternoon seem like paradise. The fact that we are actually in paradise helps too.

Here's a collection of photos that pretty much bring you up to date on the pool construction as of yesterday afternoon.

Manuel Shaping Blocks for Odd Angles
Unloading the Last of the Blocks
John, Teaching Agusto
Continuing to Make A Lot of Progress
Below, you can see the 1-1/4" water pipe extension we did the day before yesterday. There's also a small pipe for a "top-off" valve to just add some water as needed to counter evaporation.
Water Main and Top-Off Valve
Angled corners drive the block-setters nuts. Complicating it is the water jets that are in the corners as well.
Agusto, Being Taught by John How to Work the Corner Blocks and Water Jets
Along with the water main being extended, we're also running new electrical service out to the pool and for the future guest house. here's the line for it running along the wall and through to the outside.
New Electrical Service Being Installed

Feeding to the Reverse Osmosis System
This pool certainly has some angles... I'm so glad I'm not building it! Anyway, lots of progress has been made.
Spa Area Taking Shape
Pool End Blockwork Proceeding
John Shows How to Figure Blocks Out
John Puzzling It Out
You Can See How Complex It Gets
Square is So Much Easier
This view shows some of the piping coming together where the pump house will be built to manage all the piping.
Future Pump House Location
More View of the Walls
Another View
The girls are bored during the day, since we keep them chained up while workers are here. This does two things, keeps the dogs from becoming traffic hazards and prevents over familiarization.
Secret Hard At Work
Cindy Hard At Work Too
There'll be more shots as construction continues to move right along. This is a fast moving project - which is nice. We are so looking forward to a dip in the pool.

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