13 September, 2008

Bright and Early This Morning

Five-thirty in the morning... May come early to some folks, but if you keep the hours I do, I had been up since 3:45 AM. I was still caught slightly off guard when their truck showed up at the gate and I didn't have the girls chained up yet. I hollered at the workers to wait till I got the girls on a leash.
Once that was done, in they came and got straight to work on the pool.
Finishing up the Steel Work
Some Final Tying
Here's a couple of shots showing the spa area and the sump and piping.
Spa Ready For Casting
Floor Drain Ready For Casting
Everything is ready for the pour to start.
Steel's Ready to Cast
John's Supervising, Mixer's Ready
Here they're finishing up some last minute tying. and Voila! The pour has started.
Tying Up Loose Ends
The Pour Underway
And, Presto - Chango! It's done. Well, almost. Just a bit more to do in the spa area of the pool.
Thirty bags of Concrete Covers Quite a Lot of Area
Finishing Up the Thirty bags
Here you can see the crew vibrating the concrete mix to get it to settle more - take more of the air out so the mix is denser and (we hope) stronger.
Manuel and Mariano Using the Vibrator
Finishing the Spa
John, as supervisor, double-checking the work before the crew leaves for the day.
A Good Supervisor
Here's a couple of views of the finished pour. There's about two more layers to go in - a stone dust and mortar layer and finished off with the Diamond-Brite.
The Pour is FInish - As They Say
FInish Here Too
Well, that's it for the pour for the weekend. I'll have to sprinkle a bit of water over the surface this afternoon.

After the crew left, 400 8" blocks were delivered, the rest supposedly will arrive Monday morning.

That's it till Monday when the crew begin putting blocks up. It'll change appearance dramatically once that happens.


Anonymous said...

I'll be anxious to see how they finish your pool out. I guess your ground there is stable enough to not require a liner? We (and most everyone around here) has a liner pool because the ground shifts too much.

Anonymous said...

Pool is looking great! Wish I could just quit this year and come in February anyway...Great job!

Dave Rider said...

Sandy, Where do you live? I assumed here in Belize, but from your comment, I don't think so. - Dave

Dave Rider said...

Don, I tried to answer your comment via email 3 different times, each bounced back. Pls email me so I know I've got your current email address. I was going to say something like "So... Why not?" But, I know the timing is different for each person. Y'gotta do what you gotta do. If you do change your mind, we'd love to have you. Pool and guest house should both be done. - Dave

Anonymous said...

No Dave, I am up here in NE Texas right now (unfortunately!). We have property down on the Placencia Peninsula--lagoon side--in Maya Beach.