02 August, 2008

Corozal Men's Group and Other Stuff

It's been a few days since I've made an entry. I was, uh, busy. Yeh, that's it, busy. You know, retired life can be so hectic at times.

Miss Blue, our little kitty who retired from JLARC ( at Olympia, frequently tells us just how busy she is, what with her schedule of naps and snacks. Here's a picture of her telling us just how overworked she is.
Blue, Telling the World
As an example of my busy schedule, I had to attend a working meeting of the Corozal Men's Group today. It was held over at Jim and Melanie's house.

Jim's dog, Polly, an elderly little thing likes to kibitz with the guys during our meetings. Here she is doing just that.
Polly, Letting Us Know What's What
A couple of meetings ago, we voted to acquire a chaplain for the group. A non-denominational, easy-going minister, was what we had in mind. One of our members, Nigel Markey, was just that. In fact, it was his suggestion/request that he be designated as the Chaplain of the Corozal Men's Group. We voted, and there we are. We have a chaplain.

He holds chapel services, Sundays, at his small chapel in his back garden at his house. He has had some big names drop by now and again to help with the Sunday School presentations. This picture shows Noah teaching the youngsters all about the ark and the many problems encountered with that. What with elephants trying to get through the door side-by-side, and other near disasters. Noah - all right, it's really Nigel - is an entertaining instructor.
Noah Telling Kids About the Arc
I think this photo was taken by Noah's or Nigel's wife, Jennie. If I'm wrong, I'll change it as soon as I find out.

So, to show just how hard the Corozal Men's Group works, I've included a few photos of us in session. Today's meeting was also at Jim's house. We held the meeting on his patio beside the pool.
Some of The CMG Members Hard At Work
More CMG Members Hard At Work
Dave Working His Camera Phone At The Meeting

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