26 July, 2008

No Rest, No Rest, No Rest

Here it is, Saturday, and all I did was slave away all day. Well, confidentially, I've been meaning to tackle this project (or finish it, more like) for some time now. It's one of those easily postponed. So today was the day I got in gear and finished phase one. the upper screens on the front (canal side) porch.
New Screens in Place On Front Porch
Phase two will be the lower screens, which will also have a heavier 1/2" screen in addition to prevent rambunctious dogs from careening through. There's also phase three and phase 4. Both of those involve the back porch upper and lower as well.

It was actually a cathartic activity that was enjoyable and felt really good when it was done. Partly because it had been hanging around on my to-do list for far too long.
New Screens - The Other Direction
Tommorrow I'll do the first piece for the lowers. That involves putting the first bit of trim in to hold the screen from sailing out off the porch. That's going to be hard because it's low, low, low.
New Screens From Outside
Well, that's about it for now. This was my day to be alone. Dianna went with the girls for a girls day out (similar to the Corozal Men's Club, but of course, not quite as cool). I think it involved watching a chick flick and stuff like that.

She's not back yet, so I'm going to finish now and fix myself a can of chili. Mmmmm, good!


Anonymous said...

Is that screen small enough to keep out the sand flies? We have sand flies on the peninsula, and the screening I've seen that is small enough to keep them out almost eliminates the breeze, the mesh is so tight. I assume you are going to continue the screening all the way down to the floor of the porch?

Dave Rider said...

No, it's just regular nylon? screening.
Believe it or not, we really don't have a problem here with sand flies. They're there, but somehow the population is kept in check, thankfully.
Yep, screening will go all the way down to the deck. Lower half screening will also incorporate 1/2" wire mesh to keep doggies from poking through.
I also have some gaposis up at the very top where the roof joins the wall that will call for some creative screening as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave. You guys are lucky not having sand fly problems!!

aviator said...

reference the fire ants. if you can get it use AMDRO on your property it will keep them in check. let me know if you cant. i will send info.