04 June, 2008

Killer Trans-Gender Storm; The Aftermath

Alma then Arthur Struck with surprising fury.
Connie and Gregg's Beach During the Blow
Wow! Who would have thought. The very first day of hurricane season and our rainy season, that Belize would get whacked so hard. Five people dead, at least two missing, The Hummingbird and Southern highways impassable, bridges and houses destroyed.
"Gringo Lane" Folks Surveying the Results
Copa Banana's Yard
Was it a hurricane? No, not at all. It was Arthur, who started out as Alma on the Pacific side, came ashore hitting Nicaragua and Honduras, lost strength and was down-graded to a tropical depression, then went out into the Caribbean Sea, regaining strength and became a tropical storm, and got renamed as Arthur since it was on the Atlantic side of things, and came back ashore hitting Belize - especially southern Belize.
Bob Morrish's House Surrounded
Connie and Gregg's House Surrounded Too
I've got a few more pictures, all of these courtesy of Elsie King, of some of the water around our area. This should give you a good idea that, if we got hit with this, what the hell happened down south with all the mountains and rivers and whatnot.
When Was the Last Time You Saw Connie Wrestling a Kayak?

Connie and Gregg's Side Yard Under the Waves
Connie and Gregg's Beach Under the Waves
Connie and Gregg's Beach as the Water Recedes

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