01 June, 2008

The Crick's A-Rising And I Ain't Got A Paddle

Elsie called a few minutes ago and said everything on their side of the canal was a lake. She even said she could see Connie walking up the street pulling a kayak.

I thought, "hmmm. Better go see how it looks from this side." So, I stepped out with my camera. First shot was the driveway from ground level. Yuckkkk.
Ground Level Driveway
Then I got back by our canalside fence and - WOW! Is the water ever high! Here's a shot of our boat slip, normally, it's like 3 or 4 feet to the top from the water. Wow!
Our Boat Slip
Then I shot a picture looking up the canal toward the north. More Wow!
Looking North
So, I spun around and took a shot looking south. And again, Wow!
Looking to the South
Then I looked to the east, sometimes a place of light and hope, but all I see right now is a lot of water.
East To Greg Perez's Place
When I came back, I had to dig a small ditch to the street to relieve some of the water building up on the back side of the house. It's still flowing out through the drain in the fence and out to the road.

According to the last forecast I saw, the rain is supposed to let up this evening for a bit. That's fine, but what we really need is for the wind to lighten up and let the canal and bay waters recede back to normal.

I just hope again that Arthur isn't an omen of the coming season. What a start to the rainy season, eh?

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