19 May, 2008

Wedding Practice and Visit

On the Wednesday before Isaiel's and Amarily's wedding, we drove over to Guinea Grass (I can't believe we drove there twice in one week... and the car still runs!) for a dry-run for the wedding.

When we got there, Isaiel was in town getting some stuff, so we had a bit of time to kill before the rehearsal began. Since Abraham Camera and his family live close-by to Isaiel, we took the opportunity to spend some time with Abraham.
Abraham's House
The big piece of culvert in the picture above is a bit of the political landscape here in Belize. Since Abraham's house is located right beside a small creek that is subject to flooding during the rainy season, the People's United Party or PUP, prior to the election, gave him this piece of culvert ostensibly to help with the flooding. They hoped it would also encourage him to vote for PUP candidates.

I'm not sure how Abraham voted, but PUP lost the election big time. Notice they didn't offer to install the culvert - that's up to Abraham to figure out. He's not sure it's long enough to even make a difference anyway. So, he has a near useless piece of pipe to contend with.

You can see that Abraham is still in a cast after having broken his wrist on Easter Sunday.
Abraham in His Hammock
While we were doing construction at our place, Abraham often loaded up scrap wood from the project to take back for cooking wood, to cook rice and beans.

Here's the kitchen where all that wood went. Having a kitchen outside here makes a lot of sense. The heat generated in a kitchen will drive you out of the house anyway. Also, the traditional rice and beans, many folks feel they can only be properly cooked over a wood fire.
Abraham's Kitchen
He has quite a few fruit trees growing around his place. Below is a cashew. The familiar nut is inside the brown pod and the apple-looking fruit attached is quite tasty.
Cashew in the Raw
Abraham's Younger Kids
Abraham's Youngest Kids
His Older Kids
His Oldest Son
The Whole Family
We visited with Abraham and his family for about an hour, then we had to go back to Isaiel's for the rehearsal. They were nice enough that they fixed a large bowl of Relleno (black dinner or soup) for us to take back to Corozal. It's become one of my favorite dishes.

This is the sign that you see that lets you know you've come to the right place. I don't know if Isaiel will move his shop down closer to his new house of if he'll keep it here at his parent's house.
Isaiel's Sign
Isaiel was working on my garden tool rack. I had one in Olympia that I liked a lot, so I had him recreate one for me here, only out of metal this time.
Garden Tool Rack
We used the covered porch of his brother's house, next door to his parent's, for the rehearsal. A couple of walk-through's was all it took.
Ready for the Vows
Isaiel's Younger Sisters Watch With a Critical Eye
Amarily and Isaiel's Mother
Showing Off
Here Comes the Bride
Here Comes the Bride Again


Anonymous said...

Picture yourself on a boat on a river, with tangarine trees and marmalade skies. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Where are you friends building there home. You say at the first cross street? I see on google earth that the nearest couple is across the canal. Correct? Are they building farther south? Dave