12 May, 2008

Goin' To The Chapel, And We're Gonna Get Married...

We had some problems over the past two weeks - one, my firewall automatically reconfigured itself to prevent ActiveX or Flash items from being accessed. Therefore, no blog updates till I got it figured out; two, we went on vacation for four days over to San Ignacio. I'll post pictures of our adventure on the next installment. Right now, I'm playing catch-up. - Dave]
Going to the chapel
And we're gonna get married
Going to the chapel
And we're gonna get married
Gee I really love you
And we're gonna get married
Going to the chapel of love

(Written by Jeff Barry / Ellie Greenwich / Phil Spector and recorded by The Dixie Cups in 1964)

Wow! Does that song bring back some memories. Anyway, it will give you a hint of what we've been up to for the past couple of days.

Isaiel Pech and Amarily Quetzal were married Saturday in Guinea Grass. We attended as Isaiel had asked us to be their God parents (Padrinos). What a treat. It was a lot of fun.

We started off with the drive to Guinea Grass Village, which is southwest of Orange Walk Town by a few miles and a really bad pot-holed rough road. Anyway, first place we stopped on arriving at Guinea Grass was Isaiel's father's house, which is also the location of Isaiel's welding shop.
Isaiel's Sign
After a bit, we went back into town to where Amarily's house was located, so we could change and so Dianna could hang with the bride, as is customary.
Viva la Difference - In Civvies
Viva la Difference - All Dolled Up
Our friend Elsie, accompanied us on this trip. Good thing too. At least she remembered to bring her camera. I forgot mine. All the wedding pictures are courtesy of Elsie. Big-Ups to her for shooting the whole thing and letting me use the pictures.
Dianna and Elsie Ready for a Party
Once Dianna and Elsie changed, they went next door to where Amarily was getting prepared for her big day.
Amarily Getting Her Hair Fixed
Amarily with Her Grandmother
Amarily with Dianna
While Dianna stayed with Amarily, Elsie and I headed back up to the site of the wedding. A big part of the preparations is the food. And, there was plenty of that - complete with four BBQ pits!
The Soft Drink Bar
Food Prep Area
More Food
Relleno (Black Soup) Cooking
Escabeche Cooking
the Four BBQ's
What would a wedding be with out sounds? Here's the band arriving.

Speakers Galore
What key was that in again?
They really did go to a lot of work and expense for this wedding. Tents, chairs, etc., etc.
The Grand Pavillion
Isaiel's Mom and Young Sister
Dave and Isaiel
The crowd gathers, the band warms up. Actually, people kept arriving throughout the day, so there ended up being in the vicinity of 70 - 80 people in attendance.
Still Some Seating
The Band Getting Into it
Isaiel's Proud Parents, Ramiro and Marciana Pech
The Flower Girl, The Ring Girl, The Lassoo Boy
El Pastor making some preliminary remarks. Apparently, he's a kind of lay clergy as there was also an ordained minister who conducted the actual ceremony itself. Isaiel's family are members of the Church of God, Pentecostal, so no drinking or dancing at the wedding. A band was ok, but they only played religious pieces, but with a jumping beat and rhythm.
Preliminary Remarks
Now, we get to the heart of the matter. Part of our duties as Padrinos is to escort the groom to the altar. We did that rather well. Then we waited and watched as the bride arrived.
Escorting the Groom
Here Comes the Bride
Amarily was given away (what a phrase) by her brother.
Amarily Being Presented to the Groom
Next, we were treated to a solo by the Pastor's wife. She was spirited and mostly in tune. Of course, the song and the entire wedding ceremony was in Spanish, so we could catch a word here, a phrase there.
Vocal Solo
Now, it gets stared. As Padrinos, we had a couple of other duties to perform. Basically, we acted as Best Man and Maid of Honor.
The Minister Giving the Sermon
One of our duties was to, at the appropriate time, drape a white rope around the shoulders of the couple, signifying they were now bound by a stronger tie. Sort of like a cabletow. The young boy, bearing the rope, came up at the right time, and we did the deed.
Draping the Cord About Their Shoulders
The Ceremony Gets Serious Now
Then came the ring girl. After retrieving the rings from her, we rings to Amarily and Isaiel.
Putting Rings on Each Other's Fingers
Putting Rings on Each Other's Fingers
I now pronounce you husband and wife (whatever that would be in Espanol).
Kissing the Bride
Of course, it's not over till the paperwork is over. Here, the Bride and Groom sign, then Dianna and I as Padrinos (and witnesses), then the minister. Of course, it's in triplicate and has the appropriate legal stamps too.
Isaiel and Amarily Sign
Isaiel and Amarily Sign
Then We Sign
Then We Sign
Then, the Minister Signs
Now, Who Gets What Copy?
Now, Who Gets What Copy?
And the processional back out from the altar.
Still Flowers to Dispense
Still Flowers to Dispense
Good Job Kids
Here's the Bride and Groom and the Padrinos exiting the tent.
Amarily y Isaiel
Dianna y Dave
Each Being Welcomed into the others family by the respective Grandmothers
Each Being Welcomed into the others family by the respective Grandmothers
A couple of nice shots with the married couple.
With Padrinos
With Isaiel's Parents
Hey! We got a prize
Enjoying a cool refresher afterwards
Enjoying a cool refresher afterwards
Lots of Presents
A Beautiful Cake
Congratulations, Isaiel and Amarily. May you grow old together with much happiness and fulfillment in your lives.
Isaiel y Amarily Pech

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