30 April, 2008

There's a Kind of a Hush

My apologies to Herman's Hermits (remember them?) for borrowing their lyric, but it fits. The last day we had workers (other than our caretaker, Cody) was Monday. Abraham, Francisco and George showed up for final cleanup/touchup. After a hard day's work, punctuated by a big pot of Dianna's homemade bean and ham soup, accompanied by fresh tortillas from Chico's Tortilla Factory, they were gone. So, yesterday was quiet, quiet, quiet.

Today will be more of the same. Well, not quite. For about an hour, I'll have two additional workers here to help Cody and me off-load the wooden forms for the swimming pool.
Pool Forms Ready to Off-Load
They were built by Pastor Doug for his pool, then Robert used them for his, and now we have them for ours. It's an epidemic of pool building. But then, after that, it'll be back to the quiet.

Right now, I plan to start the pool probably in a couple of months. We'll see how well I can hold to that schedule.

I did make one trip in to Lano's Supply yesterday to get some parts for the metal shelf I'm building. I may have to make another run in there today for the same thing.

Looks like I'll have time to finally finish the honey-do list - which has grown quite large. Some other stuff that I still am working on is bringing in a substantial load of black dirt for the planting areas, then several loads of crushed gravel for the driveway and parking area, building shelves for the storage area, workbenches, shelving, etc., for both of our workshops, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Still by comparison, it seems almost quiet as a tomb around here. You can actually hear birds all day long!
See Why We Need Shelves?
One thing that barely shows in the above photo is the beer fridge. Here it is in all its glory!
Mecca - The Beer Fridge!
It even has a church key hanging on the door. Ahhh, the pause that refreshes... We bought the fridge from Canadian Bob, who didn't have room for it anymore. It's just perfect for what we want to use it for - storing beer and Coke.
More local wildlife sighted in the area - Corozal (Bay Tribune)Locals in the Ferry Road area of South Corozal have reported numerous sightings of wildlife. We have the photos to back up this claim too.

Residents were surprised to find they had been invaded by a rather large black scorpion who had been hiding under lumber in the utility room. Locals said they had no idea how long it had been living there.
Black Scorpion
3' "Boa" or Fer de Lance or?
The other critter sighted was already in a state of squishedness when this reporter photographed it. The snake, a "boa" according to some local inhabitants or possibly a "Fer de Lance" according to others, was found on the road right beside a Gringo's house. Prophetic? I think not. Just a case of bad timing in trying to cross the road.

Staff will keep you up-to-date on this developing story.
Here's a shot that I don't think I posted yet of our completed fence with a new coat of paint. Looks pretty sharp I must say. Isaiel does do excellent work.
Painted Fence
Our palapa is being put to good use as you can see by the contented looks from the vehicles resting under its shady fronds.
Peaceful Repose
And finally, a look back to the house from the canal. Things are definitely shaping up.
Looking Back


Galena Alyson Canada said...

Probably Boa, definately not Fer-de-lance (Tommygoff).

Black Scorps are really quick - I am surprised to see you holding one, if it is alive!


Anonymous said...

boa for sure- used to have one that looked just like the poor thing