22 April, 2008

Stairway to Heaven and Other Stuff

We're starting with the other stuff, cause that's more or less how the photos were shot. Painting involves covering a fair amount of wall. We've got two basic colors - a terracottaish color and a sand color. There is a nice blue for the decorative blocks.
Finishing Up Painting in the Breezeway
Rolling It Out
Work in the Other Breezeway
Overall Look of the House
Once the palapa got finished, it became real popular for the crew to mix concrete under its shade.
Mixing Concrete in the Shade
Getting Ready to Add Watah
I had to trim the three openings to allow cars easy access in and out of the palapa. the first one I did sort of a "too short" job, the middle one is ok, and the other end is just right
Trimmed Opening From Inside
Cleaning Up the Leaf Debris From Trimmings
Of course, we're then faced with what to do with unused reject thatch, trimming pieces, and small bits of wood from the palapa. Cody took the bull by the horns and carted most of it to the vacant lot next door and lit it off.
Burning the Debris
Now, the stairs in the garden area. Here they're just being framed out.
Setting Up Curved Molds for the Stairs
More Complicated Than It Looks
I had the guys use a lot of broken block and other debris from previous projects as filler for the stairs. Then they covered the lot with the crushed gravel to get ready to pour.
Ready for the Pour
Pour In Progress
Here's a view from our porch of the pour in progress. The next shot shows it newly completed.

In Progress
And Done
Morning After the Pour
In the "Basement", work is proceeding on sheetrocking the walls in the middle of the basement. It'll all be painted bone white when done.
Trimming Green Board
Mudding in Corner Bead
We still get lookey-loos... Here's Mae and Craig stopping by to see how it's going.
Dianna Showing Mae and Craig the Progress
We were able to get Franz Ozman, the electrician again. He does nice reliable work. Here, he's adding outlets to the wiring.
Ozman At Work
Last so far is the solid mahogany doors and jambs we'll be using. Here they're drilling for the lag screws to mount the jambs to the concrete door openings.
Setting Up Mahogany Door Pieces
And Setting Up Door Pieces

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